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The City of Allivion
Flag of Allivion
and largest city
The Royal Kingdom
Official languagesEnglish
Governmentabsolute monarchy
Establishment16 March 2021
CurrencyFreedom Bucks

Allivion, officially the City of Allivion, is a micronation. Established on 16 March 2021, Allivion has a population of thirteen, and has never had tourists.

National symbols

The national symbol is the building in the middle of the flag symbolling the president’s house in Allivion.

Early history

On 16 March 2020, Allivion’s independence was declared by former President Prince Kanon I. Prince Aymison I, only one hour into the start of the colony, was hired by then-vice president (now the president) and the military officer Prince Aymison I to spy on the nation Tika; Kanon I did so and retrieved information, and a war started. After only ten minutes, Tika retreated. With that Allivion won and celebrated. This day is referred to as “Destiny Day”.

Recent history

Kanon The I wanted to see if Aymison was worthy to be a president and had faith in him, so he held the Allivion 2020 presidential election, At first there was a vote, but in an land slide Aymison The I was elected.

Census records

The Allivion declaration is one of the key cenus records and the most important one having laws and rules!


Allivion is known for it's military system and there royal family.


The official language of Allivion is English but of course we allow anyone who speaks a different language.

Government and politics

Every one year Allivion holds an election to see whom the next president is.

The current president is Charley Myers from East Allivion, Allivion tends to be more liberal having 3 liberal/liberal-leaning canidates and one centre-lean candidate win, you can also see List of Allivion presidents and The Allivion presidental election of 2020

Nations with alliances or friends of Allivion