Alsann Republic

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Alsann Republic
Coat of arms of Alsann
Coat of arms
Motto: Alsann, stronger, united.
Capital city
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Noongar
GovernmentFederal republic
Kalan Cameron del Kersika
LegislatureAlsane Federal Council
Establishment9 September 2022
• Total
10.16 km2 (3.92 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyAlsane mark (ANM)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Alsane Time)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+61 (de facto)
RIS 002 codeAN

Alsann, formally the Alsann Republic[a], is a self-proclaimed sovereign nation[1], often referred to as a micronation by external observers. It is located through the western section of the Australian continent, where it mostly borders Australia with some borders to the sea. It was declared independent on 9 September 2022 from the Commonwealth of Australia. The nation consists of two states, two territories and a federal district. The nation's capital city of Kersika is located within the Kersik Naverston Federal District.

Since foundation, the Alsann Republic has been a federal republic. Its federal government is known as the Concordia, a unity of powers between a legislature (the Federal Council), a judiciary (the Federal Court) and an executive (the Officer-General). Since 9 September, 2022, the Officer-General has been Kalan Cameron del Kersika, often shortened to Officer-General del Kersika.

The Alsann Republic has only informal relations with one other nation, the satellite nation of Melodia. It formally and unilaterally recognises 203 sovereign nations, mostly members of the United Nations.


The name 'Alsann' was entirely fabricated by the Officer-General upon foundation, however the name and imagery was designed to invoke the image of a European city-state. Other parts of Alsann take their name from European explorers, such as the state of Flinders and the name of St Alouarn in a territory. Others take their name from Noongar (the native Aboriginal people's language), such as the Aeonian contiguous area of Banyowla and the territory of Goolamrup.

The demonym for someone from Alsann is Alsanian, and in reference to something from Alsann it may also be called an Alsane thing. Alsann was assigned RIS 002 codes AN and ALN (formerly ALS) in November 2022[b][2].


Alsann was founded on 9 September, 2022[c], by a group of former Concordian citizens. It was decided that prominent Alsanian, Kalan Cameron del Kersika, would take the role of Officer-General, a military-based head of state[3]. It was initially to be a principality, however that idea was swiftly abandoned. On 10 September, the first iteration of the Alsann Proclamation was made[d]A. The current heraldry of Alsann was created in the middle of September, having been sketched out by del Kersika prior. After much revision, the Alsann Proclamation was released to the public and formally published on 23 September[4].

Executive control

On 28 September, Officer-General del Kersika issued his first executive order, putting the Alsann Proclamation into full enforceable effect and mapping out most of the nation’s borders[5]. Later executive orders also established citizenship processes alongside temporary citizenship to former Concordians[6], as well as authorising a burnoff which later became the Alsane News Service's first story[7]. Later orders also introduced the Alsane mark and fenn, military flags and flags for Aeonia, Flinders, Kersika and Shetvik & St Alouarn (flag later given to Macleay Federal Territories)[8]. November executive orders saw a greater focus on establishment of process, including the recognition of nations, assignment of Divisions, establishment of federal market socialism, funding the Alsann Central Media Association and creation of the Mail Carriers Service[9]. The event of highest significance in early November was the dissolution of southern Flinders and Shetvik & St Alouarn, replaced by a new South Flinders with the South Flinders Islands (formerly Shetvik & St Alouarn) and Little Flinders. Flinders also gained two territories (Monger and Britannia) near its capital, Austeria, and Aeonia gained Mills, a new territory near north-eastern Banyowla[10].


The Alsann Republic is a federal republic, where states are given greater power within themselves. The military plays a relatively strong role in Alsann, however it does not control the nation and is not involved in the legislative or judicial process except amongst its own ranks. Alsann’s unicameral legislative body is the Federal Council, which as of 20 October 2022 is in its first configuration. Politics within Alsann are highly progressive due to the citizenship’s mostly intellectual and young membership. As of 20 October 2022, the Officer-General is Kalan Cameron del Kersika, and the Federal Council’s Premier is Ozren Ceklic.

Government structure

The union of powers that govern Alsann are often known as the Concordia, in reference to the peace and cooperation between them. The power of executive are invested in the Officer-General of Alsann, a military leader, the legislative powers are invested in the Federal Council and judicial power is invested in the Federal Court. Each role works to ensure the functionality of society in Alsann.


The Officer-General is an unelected post of military significance. The Officer-General has direct and enforceable supreme power over the entirety of the Alsane Federal Military and its Kersik Guard. A successor is appointed by the current Officer-General, who will take over the post immediately after the appointing Officer-General’s resignation or passing. It is considered standard that an Officer-General will appoint either a prominent politician or a successful military leader as their successor, and appointing family members is generally frowned upon.

Federal Council

The Federal Council is the unicameral legislature of Alsann. It is a democratically elected body that comprises five members. Three of these are known as regional members, and are elected by the residents of their voting districts (Kersika, Aeonia, Flinders) every six months. The other two are federal members, elected by every citizen of Alsann, including federal citizens each year. The Federal Council was known as the Council of Representatives until 14 October, 2022. The leader of the Federal Council is the Premier, elected by knockout rounds until one candidate achieves over 50% of the vote. Once elected, the Premier and Officer-General collaborate to assign Chief of Divisions according to their specialities.

Federal Court

The Federal Court is the highest judicial power in the Alsann Republic. It was created by the Alsann Proclamation, and has remained unchanged since. It is democratically elected, with one justice being elected every year. Each of the three justices serves a three-year term, with a consecutive term limit of 9 years. Justices are not permitted to campaign nor publicise political beliefs to gain office, and it is maintained that justices should be elected based on integrity and quality as an officer of the law. No justice is superior to another, and are each treated as equals, though each will serve as the speaking officer in the last year of their term.

Government policy

The Alsann Republic is a federal republic, meaning it is divided into self-governing states. It has relatively strong military involvement in high-level government, as the Officer-General is directly an officer in the military. Military-related politicians are also quite common, with examples including Mackenzie Arra (Naval Ship's Officer, Air Force First Officer and Kersik Guard Lieutenant) and H Norman (Commander of the Army).

Alsann is also notably progressive politically, with the majority of the voter base being young and/or intellectual people. The Alsane Federal Council therefore reflects that, as does the nation's state as a federal market socialist nation. Government policy reflects, in part, this socialist occurrence, with multiple socialist policies such as universal basic income and government-owned big business are either prepared or already instated[11].


Government divisions are subdivisions to which policy is relegated on many topics. Divisions allow for standard management of federal responsibility, whilst also allowing government members to specialise their interests. Divisions are assigned by the Premier and the Officer-General to any person who holds a Federal Council seat, including non-voting members and the presiding officer. As of mid November 2022, two divisions have been created, the Environment Division managed by Mackenzie Arra and the Foreign Division managed by Officer-General del Kersika[12]. The heads of divisions are known as Chief of Division.

Foreign relations

Alsann has no formal relations with any other micronations, however does maintain informal contact with the bordering state of Melodia. The Alsanian government maintains a list of recognised nations[13], which is simplified below.

Unilaterally recognised states


Military flag of Alsann, a modified civil flag.

Alsann has a far stronger military culture than other nations in the Perth area. In total, their armed forces are five troops strong, around a third of the total population. Its military follows a similar ranking structure across all four branches of the military. The four branches include the Kersik Guard alongside, under the umbrella term 'Federal Military', the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Kersik Guard Standard

Kersik Guard

The Kersik Guard is the defending force of the nation's capital, Kersika. It is also charged with defending the Officer-General and any visiting officials. The Kersik Guard is Alsann's primary ceremonial force, commonly attending state events representing the military. Its has a total of two guards, with another in reserve. The Kersik Guard regularly patrols the south and western borders of Kersika, and also conducts military exercises frequently throughout the city and their home base of Fort Norman, just outside of the city's walls.

Federal military

The federal military is an umbrella term referring to the non-ceremonial branches of Alsann's military. Its stated purpose is 'defence from invasion [...] and if needed performing incursions into other nations'. It is divided into the Army, Navy and Air Force, each of which use flags that are variants of the federal military's. There is a single leader of the federal military (other than the Officer-General), that being the Commander of the Army. They do not have direct executive control over the other branches but can organise the branches to work together.


The Alsane Army is a branch of the federal military which is primarily land-based. It is by far the most practical branch, with defence jurisdiction covering almost all of Alsann. The army has three total members, including a Soldier, Lieutenant and the Commander, military expert H. Norman.


The Alsane Navy is another of the federal military's branches. It is water-based, and operates within some parts of Aeonia and southern Flinders. It has two crafts, the ANS Isle and flagship ANS Capis, both with a capacity of two. It has two members, with its Commander being Officer-General del Kersika.

Air Force

The Alsane Air Force is the final military branch of Alsann. It deals with air-related activities. It can technically operate throughout all of Alsann, however in practice only operate in and around Kersika, Aeonia and Goolamrup. It has two aircraft, the AFV Novadonia and flagship AFV Concordia. It has two members, one a registered Pilot Officer while the other is a Flying Cadet Officer. Its Commander is Officer-General del Kersika.


The Alsann Republic is a geographically diverse area. All territories lie within 50 kilometres of the western Australian coast, a status de facto a policy of Alsann. Alsann's territories are generally grouped by land features or regions, with Flinders being the noticeable exception. The state of Aeonia is generally the areas on or near the Darling Range. The Macleay Federal Territories are the Macleay Islands group in the Buccaneer Archipelago off the coast of north-western Australia. Flinders, the exception, is composed of all territories to the east of the Darling Range on the Swan Coastal Plain and all areas south of Perth, especially near Augusta.

Most of Alsann's territories are non-contiguous, though some may be considered contiguous by virtue of being connected by Alsane waters. The two truly contiguous subdivisions of Alsann are Kersika, as it consists of a single city, and Goolamrup, as it it a minor territory with no space to expand. States are generally composed of major contiguous regions combined with smaller towns. An example are the Banyowla and Ibisca regions of Aeonia, and its town of Armisak.

Administrative divisions

Alsann is divided into five subdivisions since 23 September 2022. They are a federal district, two states and two federal territories. Additionally, the nation has two cities, part of a state or district.

Flag Arms Picture Name Abbreviation Area Joined Official
Kersikan Flag.jpg Kersik Coat of Arms.svg N/A Kersika KA, KIA 700m2 9 September 2022 Member
Mackenzie Arra
N/A N/A N/A Austeria AS, AST 620m2 11 November 2022 Member
Premier Ozren Ceklic
Flag of Aeonia.svg Aeonia Coat of Arms.svg N/A Aeonia AE, AEO 5,742,500m2 9 September 2022 Member
H Norman
CRF Flag.png N/A N/A Flinders FL, FLN 412,010m2 9 September 2022 Member
Premier Ozren Ceklic
Federal Territories and Districts
N/A N/A N/A Goolamrup GP, GMP 39,500m2 23 September 2022 Administrator
Officer-General del Kersika
SSA Flag 1.png N/A N/A Macleay Federal Territories MA, MAC 3,964,500m2 23 September 2022 Administrator de facto
Federal Council
Kersikan Flag.jpg Kersik Coat of Arms.svg N/A Kersik Naverston Federal District KN, KND 1550m2 23 September 2022 Member for Kersika
Mackenzie Arra
Former subdivisions
SSA Flag 1.png N/A N/A Shetvik & St Alouarn SA, SSA 208,390m2 23 September 2022, dissolved 11 November 2022 Administrator de facto
Federal Council


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  1. The full name, as in the Alsann Proclamation, is the Sovereign Republic of Alsann and her Lands, Seas and Skies.
  2. Codes are used both for the nation and national sports teams, regardless of name.
  3. This is sometimes incorrectly dated 8 September, due to prior confusion.
  4. This is despite the Proclamation reading 'as of September 9'.