Altanian War

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The Altanian War
(part of Black March)
Republican Flag2.png Altanian flag.jpg
Conflict: The Altanian War
Date: 22 March 2009 - 10 April 2009
Place: Altania
Outcome: Signing of the Treaty of Aintree.
Republican Flag2.pngRepublic of North Altania Altanian flag.jpgKingdom of South Altania

Camuria land flag.pngKingdom of Camuria

Republican Flag2.pngHigh Chancellor Black

Republican Flag2.pngComrade General George Dalzeil

Altanian flag.jpgKing Daniel Hill

Camuria land flag.pngKing Ian the Great

14 soldiers, 2 Goodman Missiles 30 Soldiers, 5 Goodman Rockets
0 0

The Altanian War was a conflict between the Republic of North Altania and the Kingdom of South Altania. The conflict was caused due to the break down of discipline in the Army of the Kingdom of South Altania, which had been crossing into North Altania and spying on the capital, Castlton. Two separate border crossings had been noticed by the North Altanian Secret Police and photographs of the invaders taken. One is believed by both micronations to be the then Army General Joshua Hunter, who was removed from his position after the first crossing. The next day another crossing with two more armed personel took place, which looked as if it was commanded by Hunter. The Communist Party of North Altania took this as an act of war, and officially declared war on the Kingdom of South Altania at 2:00pm on 22 March 2009.

Until 29 March 2009, nothing had progressed in the war until it was found that the North Altanian weapons production had been at full blast and had finished producing an unknown number of arms by this date. By 18:30pm on 29 March 2009 the North Altanian Republican Army had moved all the newly bought or built arms along the North-South Altanian border ready for a possible invasion of Riveria.

On 30 March 2009 the Kingdom of Camuria and the Grand Empire of Fuzzel joined the war on the side of the Kingdom of South Altania after the Republic of North Altania invaded South Altania. The declaration came despite a promise made three days earlier that Camuria would not enter the conflict on the side of either belligerent force unless they invade the other without warning.

On 7 April 2009, as a result of the abdication of Emperor Leopold Evans and the subsequent dissolution of the Grand Empire of Fuzzel, the Fuzzilian forces, who fought next to Camuria, withdrew from the conflict.

On April 8, 2009, High Chancellor Black of the Communist Party of North Altania requested terms of a peace be agreed upon with the Kingdom of South Altania due to a failed coup d'etat by senior Army members, causing near civil war and weakening of the North Altanian Republican Army. King Daniel Hill agreed with making peace and on April 9 peace was requested with the Kingdom of Camuria. All three leaders agreed to lower any military presence across the borders.

On April 10, 2009 a peace was agreed upon by the three participating micronations. The peace terms stated that the Treaty of Aintree go into force and will stop any military presence on any contracting micronations borders, within 25". Camuria removed its military from South Altania at 9:28am April 10, 2009 and both Altanian states removed their military from the borders at 14:38pm on the same date.

Fuzzillian Declaration of War

On 2 April 2009, Emperor Leopold Evans decided that the Grand Empire of Fuzzel should help Camuria, its ally, in this war. He delivered a declaration of war against the Republic of North Altania nearly two hours after becoming Emperor of Fuzzel. On 6 April 2009, the Grand Empire declares war on the Empire of Northwood, the Kingdom of Lunt Village, the Union of Socialist Micronational Republics, and the Socialist Republic of Murrayfield. This declaration came despite the fact that none of these states were involved in the war at the time of the declaration and, indeed, despite the fact two of them are allied to Camuria. As such, Fuzzel has illegally declared war on these nations and - according to alliance conditions - is now at war with Camuria.

Emperor Leopold Evans, on the urging of Foreign Minister Kevin, has agreed to open talks with all micronations in this conflict so that it might end peacefully.

Withdrawal and dissolution of the Grand Empire of Fuzzel

On 7 April 2009, Emperor Leopold Evans, after being declared bipolar, abdicated. With little internal support Foreign Minister Kevin and Minister of Propaganda Vogel could not stabalize the Grand Empire. The Grand Empire of Fuzzel was officially dissolved less than an hour after Leopold Evans abdicated. As none of the nations Fuzzel ever declared war on declared war against them, South Altania or Camuria - nor did any of them announce their intention to enter the war on the North's behalf - Fuzzel's declarations of war are automatically void by the state's collapse. It can be argued that the dissolving of Fuzzel constitutes a decsisive strategic victory for the four nations they declared war on, as the declarations were generally agreed to have started a second war outside of the Altanian War.