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Republic of Ambestan
Flag of Ambestan
Coat of arms of Ambestan
Coat of arms
Motto: We were, we are. we will be
Largest cityStrenpils
Official languagesAmbestani, Latvian
Ethnic groups
Balts, Slavs
Eastern Orthodoxy
Establishment2018, November 26th
• Total
04 ha (9.9 acres)
• Water (%)
CurrencyRonz (ʀɴᴢ)
Time zoneUTC+2
Today part ofLatvia

As a micronation located in Latvia, the Republic of Ambestan has been ruled by one individual for most of its history, although it has undergone some changes.


The United Ambestan Party has been the dominant party in Ambestan for the majority of its history, as it has been a one party authoritarian regime for most of its existence


The Beginning

A tribe named Ronza was founded in 2018, soon becoming a micronation named Ronza, later renamed Randonia, and finally with the name everybody recognizes, Ambestan. A number of wars were fought among the small country, most of which involved Denolia

Almendrian Era

Over the course of its history, Ambestan has been socialist/communist for most of the time and at one point fascist. Almendria, a communist micronation founded by Tizian Aruna, which became a terrorist state later on, contributed most to Ambestan's communism for most of its existence. A mock micronation called Skipperia became involved in some of the ''wars'' between Almendria and Ambestan after Ambestan declared independence.

Early History

As a result of many scandals, we became a fully independent micronation and began working on the development of the country. As a result of seperatism, Ambestan began to experience civil wars, and collapsed on many occasions, and we were unable to re-unify the country, so we became the micronation of Taurkuva, in which we thrived, our economy improved, and we became able to grow food for the first time. As of today, Ambestan is a peaceful country which is finally unified