Amendments to the Constitution of the Empire of New Prussia

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This is a list of Amendments of the Constitution of the Empire of New Prussia.


As per Imperial Decree XXII (22)

The House of Commons and Senate of Peers each have Constitution Committees that oversee the processes regarding the national Constitution, including discussing, adding and repealing amendments to the Constitution. In order for an amendment to become a part of the Constitution the following procedure was put in place in place:

1. A draft of the Amendment must be drawn, discussed and interpreted as if it were an Act of Parliament. For the Amendment Bill to pass and be officially proposed by the Imperial Parliament, it must receive a two thirds majority in both the House and the Senate.

2. Once the Amendment Bill is proposed by the Imperial Parliament, the state legislatures in the following order according to their statehood will vote to ratify the Amendment Bill: Kingdom of New Bavaria, Kingdom of New Saxony, Grand Principality of New Hanover, Grand Duchy of New Oldenburg and Archduchy of Southwest Clinton.

3. The state legislatures must give a two thirds majority to ratify the Amendment in their respective state. Should a state legislature vote in favour of ratifying the Amendment Bill, the state itself shall be counted as one vote in favour. If the majority is not reached, then the state shall be counted as one vote against. The Amendment Bill must receive two thirds majority vote from the states (example: 3 of 5) to be officially part of the national Constitution.

4. Should the Amendment be passed and ratified, the Emperor, the Chancellor, the state heads of state and state heads of government (who voted in favour of the amendment) are to sign the amendment.

Passed Amendments

Addendums may be added after there passing and ratification.


  • Amendment I-Established procedures regarding Territories, Crown Dependencies, Colonies and States.
    • Ratified by all states and signed by the Emperor, Chancellor, and the state leaders
      • Addendum I of Amendment I-Added the names Arch, New Prussian Colonial, and New Prussian Colony of to the naming of states and colonies.

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