Empire of the Confederate States of America

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Empire of the Confederate States of America

National Flag

National Seal
Coat of arms
Motto: "Deo Vindice"
I wish I was in Dixie Rendition 1

I wish I was in Dixie Rendition 2

I wish I was in Dixie Rendition 3

Claims of former Confederate States of America and current sphere of influence and claimed (but not controlled) lands of the Empire of the Confederate States of America
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, German, Swedish, French (Louisiana Dialects)
Recognised regional languagesEnglish, Swedish, French
Christianity (Official)
1 day ago
• (as of 2023 census) census
CurrencyThe C.A.D
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a Continuation of the First American Confederacy otherwise known as the Confederate States of America

The Empire of the Confederate States of America, more commonly known as the Confederate States of America, and the Confederate Empire is a micronation in North America. It is an attempted continuation of the late Confederate States of America. It declared independence from the United States on 9-22-2023 and ratified its first constitution and declaration of independence.

Confederate Sentiment

within the United States there is still much confederate sentiment and Southern Cultural values carry forward said sentiment. The Confederate Ideals of the past are carried onward by the American Confederation. The American Confederation is proud of all southerners who fight for the cause of the Confederacy and it's legacy even till this day, defending Dixie and her honor.

the Confederate Battle Flag being victoriously flown in the United States Capitol Building for the first time in history as a tribute to the honor and legacy of the South

Contemporary Occurrences

All national flags of the Confederate States in its history were instantly recognized as Co-national flags upon the foundation on 9-22-2023


The Military of the Empire of the Confederate States currently holds 20 members, and is comprised of the Confederate Armed Forces.

Geography and climate

Warm, Rainy Usual North American Bible belt climate

Government Divisions

The American Confederation is a constitutional Imperial Monarchy lead by the Emperor Jacob Revell who is founder and leader of the Dixiecrats. The Dixiecrat Party is the Ruling and governing autocratic Party run by the Elite Aristocracy of the American Confederation.

States and Territory

States of the Confederate States
Flag State Name Date Admitted
Alabama February 8, 1861
Arkansas May 18, 1861
Florida February 8, 1861
Georgia February 8, 1861
Kentucky December 10, 1861
Louisiana February 8, 1861
Mississippi February 8, 1861
Missouri November 28, 1861
North Carolina May 20, 1861
South Carolina February 8, 1861
Tennessee July 2, 1861
Texas March 23, 1861
Virginia May 7, 1861

by military order.
Territories of the American Confederation
Flag Seal Name Date Organized
Territory of Arizona January 18, 1862


The economy of the American Confederation is stable.

Culture and media

A very nationalist and religious people with Christianity everywhere.

current co-national flag (how ever significantly less used and used more as a civil ensign) and "Battle Flag" of the American Confederation.

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