Second American Empire

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American Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: ' (Latin: Deus autem nobiscum) (English: God will be with us)
Anthem: God Save Emperor Francis (Emperors Hymn)
American Hymn (Imperial Anthem)
File:Aurora, United States
Largest cityBrandunberg Second American Empire
Official languagesEnglish, German, French
GovernmentUnitary Constitutional monarchy with Absolutist policies
• Emperor
Francis I
House of Peers
House of Deputies
• (as of 2020 census) census
300 (600 Honorary Subjects) 331 Million (Claimed, Estimate)
CurrencyAmerican Dollar
Time zone(UTC)
This nation is a member of the Union Against Micronational War

The Second American Empire, more commonly known as Imperial America, is a micronation located in the United States. The Second American Empire was established under an absolute monarchy with improvements from the United States government, Francis I, American Emperor will unite the states under one nation. We have hopes of creating a common will for the people of our nation. The first government was established with the American National Council as a temporary legislature, Francis I, American Emperor Issued the Houses of Parliament Act 2020 giving the empire a parliament with both houses. When January 1 came, emperor Francis created the Washington Confederation, The Western Bloc, and the American Federation. These governments are supposed to shield American interests and trade. Francis I, American Emperor on January 6, 2021, reported that the protests at the United States Capitol were against western democracy and should use peaceful protesting to get your voice out. The Chancellor was created to be head of the government of the Second American Empire.

The Parliaments of both houses decide laws that are introduced by either the House of Deputies, The Chancellor, and the American National Council. The House of Peers gets the final say in what the law or decree should be like. The Emperor Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. There is still a lot more government officials and positions to still be created.

The Second American Empire is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and doesn't have any relations with any other Micronation.


The origins of the Second American Empire's name is when the first empire was established a long time ago, the emperor created a second empire. It has been named American Empire because we want to be a greater American micronation.


The government of the Second American Empire was established under an absolute monarchy with Francis I, American Emperor proclaiming himself emperor. The December War happened when communist rebels tried to overthrow the monarchy and failed and their leader was thrown in prison.

Politics and government

The government type is an absolute monarchy with Francis I being emperor and the Duke of Lee being Chancellor. The imperial government currently houses 15 ministries of government. The parliament runs by if a representative wants to make a law or act, they must introduce it to the House of Deputies and then the house will vote on it, after that the House of Peers will call the final vote.

Satellite States

Law and order

The National Police Force is the main Police System. We have the Imperial Court that is the Judicial system.

Foreign relations

We do not have any relations with any other micronations as of January 19, 2021.


The armed forces are the different branches of the American Defence Union. The American Defence Union is structured into three branches Union Army, Union Navy, and the Union Air Force. The December War happened when communist rebels under General Secretary of the UASSR tried to overthrow the government. We currently have Nerf guns and 2 sticks as our weapons.

Geography and climate

Bald eagle flying over the imperial capital.

The weather is usually really cold and snowy during the Winter Months, However, in the summertime, it is very warm outside. The terrain is mostly plains and rolling hills.


Our industries are media, medical equipment supplies, and food processing. We have no trading imports or exports at the moment.

Culture and media

Our immigration authorities will allow anyone who takes the citizenship application form to become a citizen. Education is reformed to give our children the knowledge they actually need to know. The University of America is a non-profit organization designed to help college students for their future. The Ministry of Education takes education very seriously and does a lot of reforms to the school system. The languages are mainly English and German, there is a lot of ethnic people, so the imperial government enacted a decree that anyone could speak their native language. We do not have anyone that is skilled in the arts. The press is controlled by the state and only reports the real news. Television will have a lot of different TV shows that will air.

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