Anarcho-Nazbol Male-Only Nonstate of Chadistan

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Chadistan is a Nazbol Nonstate with claims in Santa Barbara, Ca, New York, New York, and Spokane Washington. The Nation is Notably straight-male only. Chadistan was founded in late October 2020 by the founders who use the psuedonyms, "Bowtie Man, Junior, Pedro, That Dude", and "Cameron".

The Nation Utilized Mutualist Economics based on Self-Ownership and OAU property, and is "ironically segregated by race", "just for the laughs", and enforces some generally Conservative views. Chadistan claims the Statue of Liberty in New York, Papa John's Pizza in Santa Barbara, and a Cabela's outside of Spokane known for its taxidermy museum.


There are 3 currencies used in Chadistan. "Fresh Naps", Bitoin (BTC), and Cardboard with Pedro's face scribbled on it.

Anthem and other info

The national anthem of Chadistan is an audio-clip of Papa John discussing how much pizza he has eaten. The Coat of arms is a picture of Big Chungus T-posing, and its flag is the National Anarchist flag.

Drug Laws

Chadistan has some interesting laws regarding drugs. Chadistan has removed all drugs with exception to grapes with psilocybin fungus growing on them.