Anatefcan Democratic-Republic

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Random Image of Doom!!!
Motto: We want a Hot Juicy Burger!
(English: We Want a Hot Juicy Burger, NOW!)
National Anthem: Purple Haze (composed by Jimi Hendrix)'
Type of entity: Micronation
Location: Phoenix, New York
Area claimed: N/A
Membership: Less than 100
Date of foundation: January 25, 2001
Leadership: Current Co-Presidential Comrades: Shadow, Lenin
Purported organisational structure: Democratic Republic


French (Minority),

Sami (Minority),

German (Minority)

Currency: U.S. Dollar\Canadian Dollar

The Anatefcan Democratic-Republic or Anatefcan Empire, or Anatefca is a semi-immaginitive Micronation founded in January 2001 which has no sovereign territory of its own and has never been recognized by any other sovereign state, excluding other micronations which are considered sovereign by the Anatefcan Government. Anatefca was founded by a group of self-proclaimed autonomous students from Phoenix, New York and is multi-cultural, accepting citizns of differing ethnicities, Religions, Cultures, Sexes, and Beliefs.


The Anatefcan Democratic-Republic was Founded on January 25, 2001 by a group of Students from the villiage of Phoenix, New York. for the first year of it's existence, Anatefca's memership was stagnant, never reaching past 15. The communications of the nation were also in a disheveled state until the renovation of Anatefca by it's most technological of founding members known (due to an Anatefcan policy of identity secrecy) by the codename of Redneck. The rennovation consisting of the creation of an Anatefcan Forum on the Proboards Forum Server. The issues of untennable communications were instantly rectified for all members who could access the internet (a majority of 75%). Because of this development, Anatefca and it's claims of nationhood have been primarily bound to the internet.


(See main article "Pre-Unification Anatefca")

The Anatefcan Uprising

After the creation of the website, relations between the Anatefcan Populous and the Administration of Redneck soon soured. Redneck who had converted a Videogame called "Halo 2"'s Fansite into the site still claimed ownership and absolute administration rights that many of the populous despised. On May 28, tensions came to a head when it was announced that the proboards website would be deleted on June 1 and replaced with one on, many Anatefcans disagreed with this decision because they wished to retain their abilities to use the chatroom on the Proboards website. On May 30 the "great uprising" took place, a new website was created by a member of Anatefca with the codename of Lenin, launched 5 minutes before the schedueled destruction of the first site. when news of this act reached "Redneck" he destroyed the invisionfree site enraged as he claimed that the destruction was to be revealed to be a practical joke. regardless, all members of Anatefca that have acess to the internet had, during this website's run, a membership on the new website and this website served as the main non-territorial national center for Anatefca until october 2007. As a stipence for the loss of administration rights, the Former Admin, Redneck was payed a stipence of 1 U.S. Dollar.

The Mahatma Administration

Though the communications issues of Anatefca had been rectified, the problem of slow population growth still plagued Anatefca. on August 15, 2007 a new position was opened to fix the problem, "Professor of Expansiafunk". The first and current POE is a member by the codename of "Mahatma". under his leadership, Anatefca's population doubled in a single month, and notoriety and friends of Anatefca increased 10 fold. Mahatma's theories of expansion were, until october 2007, a main disscussion point on the Anatefcan Forum.

Red October

(For full artical, see Red October (Anatefca))

In the early hours of October 26, 2007. An Anatefcan Officer placed several posters in the halls of the central highschool of the Phoenix, N.Y. school district declairing Anatefca's support for the "liberation" of a student found by the Anatefcan Government to have been wrongly detained by the Phoenix, N.Y. School Board. Due to the administration's disdain for said posters, a group of Anatefcan Officers in connection to the incident were detained, and threatened with legal action (of which there was none actually viable). Many members felt that this was a clear threat by Phoenix' administration to the populous of Anatefca and discontinued contact with the Nation, However, A substantial number of members (many brought into Anatefca by the Mahatma administration) steadfastly held their ground and retained support for the micronation, however, this was only a temporary state of affairs as many began to believe Anatefca had ceased to exist mere months after Red October and thus departed from it's ranks.

A popular catchphrase "Carrots of mass destruction" arose from a bizzar incident, wherein one administrator made an unproven accusation that one Anatefcan was attempting to make pipe bombs out of carrots.

Do to the threat placed upon it's citizens, the Anatefcan Government initiated a "Code Red" for the first time in Anatefcan history, and locked down all websites opperated by the Anatefcan Government. Many of these Websites, being half formed and created with litle planning or integrity, and meanwhile garnering no interest from the general public, were destroyed.

The Anatefcan tradition of using codenames (even in public office) was created due to tensions caused by Red October.

Anatefca Post Red October

In December 2007, a limited (and eventually complete) re-publicization took place as the first code red came to a halt. However, this would be short lived.

By March, Several new,controvercial members attempted to gain citizenship in Anatefca. Though then, co-Presidential Comrade Lenin had granted citizenship to at least one, it was deamed unnofficial by way of democratic vote due to co-Presidential Comrade Shadow's unwillingness to approve.

By April, many of the Original comrades began to fear the posibility of increased retaliation by way of the local school board due to the talk of malicious activity on the Anatefcan Websites by Neo-Anatefcans. It was at this point, the original group began to consider a second code red. And the Comrade's Party (Traditionalist) member was elected as Presidential Comrade on April 9, 2008 over Moderate Lenin and Extremeist Rasputin.

Due to internal dissorder and a schism between the original founding members and the more extreme Neo-Anatefcans, the Original members of Anatefca Agreed on enacting the Second "Code Red" in Anatefcan History in April, 2008. which, due to escalating tensions and lack of Presidential participation in Anatefcan opperations, lasted until January 24, 2009.

The SiSTAH Revolution

The rate of activity continually declined through 2008 on the Anatefcan website, with a total absence of the participation of Presidential Comrade Redneck. Said recessing state of affairs lasted until Redneck's sudden reappearance in late January 2009.

Within one week of Redneck's return, Code Red #2 was called off, most of the once privitized Anatefcan Movies were re-publicized, and a (failed) rallying call for a return to the "old, glorious Anatefcan way" in the form of the "SiSTAH (Silly S*** Trampling A****** Hellions) Revolution" was issued.

Anatefca Today

After a short lack of activity, Anatefca Came Alive again with the publishing of "The Arrogance Show" by codenameless member of Anatefca.

Many of the original members returned to Anatefca, and the decisions of the election of 2009 could finally be enforced.

Anatefca is currently holding several important refferendums to decide it's course for the future.


The Anatefcan Goverment is a Democratic-Republic by name but is in reality a Direct-Democracy in which all members have equal vote on new laws and governmental decisions involving the public. Citizens have equal and direct vote on both government officials, and most governmental decisions. Few Processes are in direct control of the government, such as: enforcement of rights based on the constitution, most Expansional processes, protection of members' privacy online, right to declare code red, and national territory accuisition.

Historical Leaders

Presidential Comrade-

Term start Term end Name Party
2001 2003 Vacant N/A
2003 April, 2007 Shadow N/A
May, 2007 October, 2007 Missy N/A
December 21, 2007 April 9, 2008 Shadow \ Lenin Traditionalist \ Moderate
April 9, 2008 July 11, 2009 Redneck Comrade's Party
July 12, 2009 Incumbents Shadow \ Lenin N\A \ Open Door Party

Professor of expansiafunk-

Term start Term end Name Party
2001 August, 2007 Vacant N/A
August, 2007 Incumbent Mahatma N/A

Anatefcan Movies

Recently, Anatefca has launched AnatefcaTube, a group on the popular Video website, YouTube, to collect Short clips made by Anatefcan Filmakers. the number of shorts created so far is upwards of 20.

Alliences and Treatys

the Anatefcan government has adopted a tradition of recognizing micronations that hold similar governmental and ideological structures as itslef.

Micronations that Currently Recognize Anatefca:

Aerican Empire

Micronations that Anatefca Recognizes:

Aerican Empire



AnatefcanFlag.jpg Anatefcan Standard Flag

Due to a widely accepted, de-facto 1-flag-per-person policy; Anatefcan citizens use many derivitive flags. However, only the Anatefcan Standard Flag is recognized Nationally.

this flag is changeable pending petition and vote.

Refrences and External Websites

1.Aerican Empire: Diplomatic Relationships Page

2.AnatefcaTube, The Anatefcan Film Association

3.Anatefcan National Website\Forum