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Andrea Lily
Monarch of Xenlandia
In office
30 December 2021 to 8 March 2022
Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished
Queen of Anexdia
In office
21 February 2022 to 8 March 2022
Successor Elle Thorne Houghton
Duchess of Sovia
Assumed office
9 March 2022 to 05 May 2022
Predecessor Position established
Successor Tina Rogers
President of Deception Island
in office
28 June 2022 to 18 July 2022
Predecessor John Furban Richard
Successor Position Abolished
Personal information
Born 25 September 2009 (2009-09-25) (age 14)
Nuneaton, England w:England
Birth name Unknown
Citizenship Federal Xenate of Xenlandia
Nationality Polish
Residence Poland
Religion Atheist

Andrea Lily or, Andrea is an England-born Polish former micronationalist, musician, music producer, mixing engineer, amateur photographer, amateur film director and DJ. She was the former president of the Republic of Deception Island, the former Xeness of Xenlandia,former Queen of Anexdia and former Duchess of Sovia. She was formerly known as Kamila prior to June 8, 2022, and Laura prior to September 2022

Early Life

Andrea was born in Nuneaton England as her deadname on September 25th 2009. She was born to 2 immigrants (both from Poland). 2 years after her birth, her sibling was born, who is a furry gamer, musician and artist. Most of her early life is unknown while living in the UK, except that she went to a Catholic school, though she now identifies as an atheist. When she was nearly 9 years old , Andrea along with her family moved to Poland, by this time, she lived next to pre-micronational East France, a Xenlandian territory. 2,5 years later she moved again to Poznań, where she currently lives and established Xenlandia (then known as the Kingdom of Hi) on 30 December 2021 in her room. However on March 8, she dissolved it due to how unproffesional it was. The next day on March 9, she estalblished the Duchy of Sovia

Micronational career

Before establishing Xenlandia she was interested in micronationalism, and years earlier had 1 micronation based on minecraft zombies, she does no longer remember the name anymore of that nation, then after, on 28 December 2021 Elle Thorne (then known as Grant) of Tribeof Islands reccomended her to establish her own micronation, so 2 days later, on 30 December 2021, she founded the Kingdom of Hi , the embryo of Xenlandia and later Sovia, then after Hi was a growing nation. On 7 Febuary 2022, Andrea would change Hi's name from Republic of Hi to Republic of Xenlandia. But a day later, Xenlandia would become a federation and changed its government from republic to xenate. However on March 8, 2022 Xenlandia became defunct. A day later on March 9, she established the Duchy of Sovia, which exists to this day. However on May 5, 2022, she announced that she had retired from micronationalism, and will let someone else take over the thrown. Eventually, Tina Rogers of Felinia took over the thrown later that day.

First Retirement from Micronationalism (05 May 2022)

On May 05th 2022, Andrea announced that she is retiring from micronationalism. She stated that micronationalism became stale for her and she will leave to fully pursue her music career. Most people were devastated about her departure from the hobby, especially Lorenzo Marquez of Belcity. As he became close friends with her over the past couple months. However she announced that she is going to do at least some micronational activity.

Unexpected return to micronationalism (28 June 2022)

On June 28, 2022, Andrea became the 4th president of the Federal Republic of Avenska when John Furban Richard resigned as president of Avenska. Because of this, Andrea became a micronationalist again. However, Andrea has said that she is only going to do micronationalism part time because she wants to focus on her music career more as music is her main interest and hobby.

Second retirement from micronationalism (18 July 2022)

On 18 July 2022, Andrea announced that she is going to retire again from micronationalism for the same reason as the first retirement, however this time, she wont come back to micronationalism and she will do music full time now. Because of this, the Deception Island got dissolved.

Music career

Andrea makes experimental music under the name Xe0 as well as under the aliases Veronica Jackson and li. She began her music journey in 2019 under the name muszka303music. The project lasted to september 2021 and was discontinued due to no motivation. However 2 months later in November 2021, Andrea started the Xe0 project (then known as Xen) which still exists to this day. Later that year on December 29th 2021, she released her debut EP titled Spirals. She would eventually release her debut album SOCIOPATH on March 28th 2023. Xe0's sophmore album BOUNCE VOL I released July 7 2023 .


As Xe0


Snakes (2024) (cancelled)




Departure (Mixtape) (2023)

777 (Mixtape) (2023)


Spirals (EP) 2021

FLOWER (EP) 2023

TOES (EP) 2023

BOX (EP) 2023

As 69


16.12.2022 (2022)

As Veronica Jackson

None yet.

As Cloudgirl7

None yet.

Personal life

Andrea came out as a trans woman in 2022, previously identifying as non binary, genderfluid and demi boy. She uses she/they[a] pronouns. As of 2023, Andrea also started using It/It's pronouns. Her sibling Charlie (born 2011) is a musician, sculptor and artist.


  1. Andrea uses she/her, they/them and It/It's pronouns. This article uses she/her pronouns for consistency.