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Ἀνδριόπολις (Hellenic)
ANDRIOPOLIS (Neoclassical Latin)
Ϝάστυ Ἀνδριουπόλεως
Borough of Andriopolis
Ἀνδριόπολις transcription(s)
 • RomanisationAnðriópolis
Flag of Andriopolis
Official logo of Andriopolis
Hellenic: Ὦ Πελαγοκράτειρα
Neoclassical Latin: Ō RĒGĪNA PELAGĪ
(Oh Ruler of the Sea)
Anthem: «Ὕμνος τῆς κα΄ Ἀπριλίου ᾳϡξζ΄»
"Hymn of the 21st of April 1967"
File:Map of Andros (Cyclades).png
Coordinates: 37°52’56.7"N 24°44’27.1"E
Micronation Græcia
Voivodeship Aegean
Established20 August 2020 AD
Founded byQuintus De Vitaliis
SeatLower Andriopolis
 • High BurghermistressDiamantē Russo
DemonymsἈνδριουπολίτης (m.), Ἀνδριουπολῖτις (f.)
 • OfficialHellenic
Neoclassical Latin
 • MinorityArvanitika
 • ImmigrantAlbanian
Time zoneUTC+02:15 (Græcian Eastern Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+03:15 (Græcian Eastern Summer Time)
Postal code
w:Greece 84501
Area code+30
Vehicle registrationAN

The Borough of Andriopolis (Hellenic: Ϝάστυ Ἀνδριουπόλεως, romanised: Wásty Anðriupóleōs, pronounced: [ˈwasti an.ðri.uˈpoleɔːs]; Neoclassical Latin: BVRGVS ANDRIOPOLEOS, pronounced: [ˈbʊrgʊs̠ än̪d̪riɔˈpɔɫ̪ɛɔs̠]) is one of the ten boroughs of Græcia, the second-level administrative divisions of the micronation, and the executive capital (and largest settlement) of Græcia. It was formed in August 2020 AD. As of 2022 AD, it consists of two districts, both located on the island of Andros, in Cyclades, Hellas.


The Borough of Andriopolis was named after its macronational location, the island of Andros. For the sake of brevity, the Borough is referred to as Andriopolis (Hellenic: Ἀνδριόπολις, romanised: Anðriópolis [an.ðriˈo.po.lis]; Neoclassical Latin: ANDRIOPOLIS [än̪d̪riˈɔpɔlʲɪs̠]). The name is a combination of two Hellenic elements: Ἀνδρίος ("a man from [the island of] Andros") + πόλις ("city"), essentially the "city of the men of Andros" (Ἀνδρίων πόλις).


The Borough of Andriopolis was formed on 20 August 2020 AD, alongside the boroughs of Hagia Aikaterini, and Čěrneś, making it one of the three original boroughs of Græcia.


The Borough is subdivided into two districts:

District Area (km²) Area of influence (km²) Administrative seat
Upper Andriopolis TBD TBD De Vitaliis Old House
Lower Andriopolis TBD TBD De Vitaliis Auditorium


Current High Burghermistress: Diamantē Russo
The Borough assembly is composed of 8 counselors, organised as follows:

  • Upper district representatives - 4
  • Lower district representatives - 4


The Borough of Andriopolis depends mostly on agriculture. One of the cizitens, Iōhannēs Antōniī De Vitaliis, is the sole producer of meat, vegetables, potatoes, et al. He and his wife, Helena Drossu, are responsible for the distribution of their products as well.


The Borough of Andriopolis is located entirely on the island of Andros. Its area of influence covers a large portion of the former municipality of Hydroussa, yet mostly concentrated around the northern communities of the island.



District Population (2022) Citizens (2022) Other subjects (2022)
Upper 8 4 4
Lower 4 2 2


The vast majority of the people living in the Borough are Greek Orthodox Christians (10/12 = 83,3%), while the rest are atheists. The patron saint of the Borough is Saint Marina the Great Martyr, whose feast is celebrated on 17 July.


The official languages of the Borough are Hellenic and Neoclassical Latin, both of which are used for official documents, as well as everyday things. There is a minority of people who have revived the usage of Arvanitika, especially in the northern parts of the Borough's area of influence. Therefore, it is a recognised minority language within the Borough. Although not recognised, Albanian is a spoken immigrant language.