Anglo-Suomi Union

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The Anglo-Suomi union is a small sovereign nation south of the Wegmanian state of Essef.

The Anglo-Suomi Union currently has very strained relations with wegmat and new Germany and is the verge of war with The Federal Union of Wegmat, a strong military and well armed troops can take it down.

the military of the Anglo-Suomi union numbers around 10 troops and has begun an assault force into The Federal Union of Wegmat. General steve has ordered the surrender of The Empire of New Germany and wegmat and plans to take Fort priory as their own.

The DeezNutzia Union

The Free state of Deeznutsia
Deeznutsia, Anglo Suomi union.
Flag of Anglo-Suomi Union
Motto: In deez we trust
Anthem: Any song by Johnny Cash
and largest city
Other languagesEnglish,
Finnish Arabic
Islam, Buddhism, Christian Orthodox, Atheism
Demonym(s)Anglo suomi
Government2 party parliament under butkussism
• president
• Governer
• Field marshal
• Anglo Suomi Union
9th May 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyBeetlejuice Hundred (BH)
US Dollar
Time zoneCST
Calling code+1 (708)


The country used to be called deeznutsetsan but changed its name because the brits got angry and it represents the unity of the Finns and the Anglo peoples


The Anglo-Suomi union broke away from wegmat on may 9 2022 and has found itself at war with them and new Germany.

Politics and government

The Anglo-Suomi union is a Bukussist Military dictatorship

Law and order

The military rather than police, enforce Marshall law. Breaking laws like speaking out against the state will result in fines and/or execution via Airsoft guns.

Foreign relations

The Anglo-Suomi union declared independence from wegmat on may 9 2022 and declared war on them on May 10 2022


The Englo-Suomi army is comprised of a militia and a professional military. they are armed with airsoft and nerf guns due to a lack of professional weaponry and has over 10 troops with a militia numbering 3x that size

the militia is not as well armed and has little to no weapons and relies on decommissioned or not needed equipment from the army. they are currently fighting the new German military.

Geography and climate

the weather in the Anglo-Suomi union is miserably hot weather in summer, and cold and rainy spring, in winter, its freezing, but hardly ever snows. in fall, the weather is cool and sometimes very cold.