Angus Dunn

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The Right Honourable
Angus Dunn
2nd Minister for Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
16 April 2021
Preceded byMac Gallagher
Leader of the Apachan Liberal Party
Assumed office
24 January 2021
Preceded byOffice Established
Leader of Reform Eastasia
In office
15 July 2021 – 17 September 2021
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byChandrachur Basu
UNPA Majority Leader
In office
27 August 2021 – 17 Septermber 2021
Preceded byZhou Zhan-En
Succeeded byKelvin Wong
1st Vice President of The Republic of Apachiland
In office
21 May 2020 – 10 April 2021
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byMac Gallagher
Leader of the Apachan Social Democratic and Labour Party
In office
12 May 2020 – 24 January 2021
Preceded byOffice Established
Succeeded byMike Clare
3rd Chancellor of the Kingdom of Apachiland
In office
13 November 2019 – 13 May 2020
Preceded byJacob Stevens
Succeeded byOffice Abolished
Member of the Apachan Parliament
Assumed office
UNPA Delegate for Daqinghe Overseas
In office
15 May 2021 – 17 September 2021
Preceded byBetim Alban
Succeeded byChandrachur Basu
Personal details
Born10 May 2003 (2003-05-10) (age 20)
Warwickshire, England
Political partyApachiland
Apachan Liberal Party (2021-present)
Apachan Social Democratic and Labour Party (2020-2021)
Apachan Social Liberal Party (2019-2020)
Apachan Monarchist Party (2018-2019)
Reform Eastasia (July 2021 - September 2021)
Eastasia Social Democratic Party (May 2021 - July 2021)

Angus Dunn (Born 10 May 2003) is an Apachan politician and diplomat who has been serving as the Leader of the Apachan Liberal Party and Minister of Foreign Affairs since 2021.

He previously served as the Vice President of Apachiland from 2020 to 2021 and before it became a republic, served as the final Chancellor of the Kingdom of Apachiland from 2019 to 2020. Since 2018, he has been a member of the Apachan Parliament, and throughout his time in the parliament, he has been a member of 4 different parties, with him serving as Leader for 2 of those parties.

Between 1 May 2021 and 17 September 2021, Angus also held citizenship in Eastasia and rose up its political ladder, forming Reform Eastasia in July and then becoming the UNPA Majority leader in August, in September he resigned his citizenship and withdrew from the nation.


Early life

Angus Dunn was born in Warwick, United Kingdom on 10 May 2003, since being born he has lived in what is now Etting Province, Apachiland.

Beginnings in Apachiland

Angus joined Apachiland in 2018, he is a personal friend of the founders but did not join at founding due to an at the time lack of interest.

Personal life

Angus was baptised as an Anglican in 2005, but has never considered himself to be religious, identifying first as an agnostic, but since 2014 has been an atheist.

His main language is English, but he is also able to speak a decent amount of Spanish.

Angus used to play the drums between 2011-2015



Upon the end of the Diarchy, with Apache I being reinstated as the sole Monarch and Cooper I being demoted to President, Jacob Stevens resigned as Chancellor. Despite his relatively uneventful political career up to this point, both Apache I and President Cooper agreed to appoint Angus to the position.

However, Apachiland now lay dormant and until 10 May 2020 Angus did practically nothing as Chancellor due to the inactivity of the nation.

On 10 May 2020, Apache I abdicated the throne suddenly. The period between 10 and 20 May became known as the Reconstruction Period, where Angus and President Cooper rewrote the Apachan Constitution, creating the foundations for Apachiland to become a Republic.

On 20 May 2020, as per the new constitution, the position of Chancellor was abolished. Angus was the expected choice for the Vice Presidency, which became the 2nd highest position

Vice Presidency

On the 21 May 2020, Angus was called to meet with President Cooper, an agreement was reached between them as the leaders of the largest political parties at the time, the Conservatives and the SDLP, that Angus would be Apachiland’s Vice President until the next presidential election.

Angus’ time as Vice President was characterised by a revitalisation in Apachan Foreign Policy, with Apachiland joining the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation and entering Foreign relations with several other micronations.

Outside of foreign policy, Angus pushed for the establishment of the position of Presiding Officer within the Apachan Parliament, responsible for putting forward votes and then archiving them once complete, shortly after the Parliament ratified the position Angus was elected unopposed to hold the position. As well as this, Angus put forward a bill to allow citizens to create news channels, allowing news to be reported from sources other than the government run Apachan Broadcasting Company, this bill passed in September 2020, with Angus taking advantage of it and founding the New Perspective newspaper which offers a left of centre viewpoint on Apachan politics.

In November 2020, the Apachan Parliament was faced with a vote on whether or not the nation should sign the Halcyon Convention. Angus was the main supporter of signing the treaty, defying the President. However, by the end of the voting window a majority of MPs had been convinced to support the treaty, leading to Apachiland becoming signatories.

On 4 December 2020, Apachiland was approached by representatives from the Scheisse Intelligence Agency as to whether Apachiland would like to take part in the newly established Project Outreach Alliance. Angus immediately began to probe the representatives further about Project Outreach and the organisation as a whole, seeing it as a threat to the civil liberties of the citizens of Apachiland and their right to a free and fair trial under Apachan Laws.

After tense negotiations, Apachiland entered Project Outreach as an observer on 16 December 2020. Shortly after however on 11 January 2021 after observing the SIA’s actions and organisation as a whole, Angus and the President tabled a motion to fully withdraw from the organisation as well as stripping SIA representatives of Foreign Delegate privileges within Apachiland.

Immediately at the opening of registration to run in the 2021 Apachan Presidential Election, Angus Dunn, who by now had left the SDLP and founded the Liberal Party, declared he would not run for President and that he would not accept the position of Vice President should he be nominated for it.

Hours after the landslide victory for the Conservatives, Angus penned a letter to President Cooper asking for permission to resign with immediate effect, which was accepted by the President.

Angus served 325 Days as Vice President

Post Vice Presidency

Despite no longer wanting to hold the position of Vice President, Angus and the Liberal Party were still in favour of working with the Conservative Party to continue Apachiland’s prosperity. This ultimately culminated in an official coalition document being signed by the leaders of the 2 parties on 16 April 2021, as per a term of the agreement, Angus replaced newly appointed Vice President Mac Gallagher as Minster of Foreign Affairs.


Prior to his citizenship in Eastasia, Angus was a foreign diplomat representing Apachiland. On 1 May 2021, Angus requested Eastasian citizenship, and quickly joined the Eastasia Social Democratic Party.

After the resignation of UNPA Delegate Betim Alban, a snap election was called to fill the seat in May 2021. Angus won the snap election with 14 votes, and was sworn in as a delegate on 15 May 2021.

On 20 June 2021, after the People's Court, the Judicial Branch of Eastasia, suspended UNPA Speaker Ben Olson, Angus was nominated to replace Olson until he was reinstated, however the Judicial Branch quickly reduced the suspension period, so Angus withdrew his candidacy.

On 15 July 2021, Angus left the ESDP and alongside John Seneca formed Reform Eastasia, a centre to centre-right party that campaigned for liberal conservatism and reform to Eastasia's electoral system, which Angus had advocated against for some time.

On 23 July 2021, Angus was assigned to the newly formed Social Contract Amendment Committee, which aimed to reform Eastasia’s social contract and update the nation’s Social Contract.

Angus was re-elected to serve a second term in the UNPA on 21 August 2021, which resulted in a victory for the joint ESDP-REF group that would form a majority within the UNPA.

On 27 August 2021, Angus was elected by the Majority Caucus of the UNPA to serve as Majority Leader

After the UNPA's failure to remain active, Angus resigned all his political posts on 17 September 2021, and left Eastasia all together, citing the lack of activity and his own loss of interest in the nation.

Role in Intermicronational Organisations

Reformed Intermicronational Confederation

Apachiland joined the RIC in May 2020, with Angus serving as part of the delegation.

Angus actively campaigned for the election of Jack Cooper for the December 2020 RIC Elections.

On 13 February 2021 Angus was appointed to the newly created Election Committee, which was tasked with overseeing future elections within the RIC.

In May and June 2021, as the RIC slowly collapsed due to a proposal by then President William Atkins, of the Astovian Union, to turn the RIC into a more partisan organisation, similar to that of the EU, Angus voiced immense opposition to this plan. Whilst he did want to see the RIC reform itself in hopes of more activity in the Confederation, Angus ultimately saw this as hopeless, and on 31 May 2021, he became the first delegate to propose the complete dissolution of the RIC. Whilst this was initially disregarded by almost all the remaining active delegates, eventually the conclusion was made that the RIC would dissolve.

Political Positions and Ideology

Since the age of 15, Angus has identified himself as being left of centre on the political compass.

At the age of 16, he joined the Labour Party.

He ideologically identifies as a Social Democrat, but could also be considered to be a Social Liberal.