Annexation of the Azorean Republic

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Annexation of the Azorean Republic
Date31 July 2022
Result New Melanesian Victory
New Melanesia Azorean Republic
Commanders and leaders
Luke of Wellmoore Inactive Government
Casualties and losses
0 0

The Annexation of the Azorean Republic is an event that took place on 31 July 2022.


The Azorean Republic had fallen into a state of dismay and defunct status. Former Azorean President and incumbent New Melanesian President Luke of Wellmoore took note of this. He decided to combat this with annexing the republic.


31 July 2022

The Government of New Melanesia advanced on the Azorean Republic and disassembled the Azorean Government and officially made the nation a part of New Melanesia.

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