Partito Liberale (Pinang)

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Partito Liberale
Liberal Party
LeaderAndrew Perdomo (acting)
Rafe Burfield (first, former)
Deputy LeaderAndrew Perdomo
Zerorius Hiruko (former)
FounderRafe Burfield
Zerorius Hiruko
  • 22 April 2023 (as Another Choice Party)
  • 21 July 2023 (as Partito Liberale)
Preceded byAnother Choice Party
HeadquartersSan Jozse
Membership (2023)2
  • Populism
  • Economic Liberalism
  • Trade Unionism
  • Federalism
  • State Digitalism
  • Centrism
Political positionCentrist
National affiliationPL&M-CA
1 / 12

The Partito Liberale, formerly known as Another Choice Party, is Pinangese liberal-centrist political party, founded by the former president of Pinang Cadno and Zerorius Hiruko, later rebranded to Partito Liberale (Liberal Party) by Zerorius Hiruko and Rafe Burfield.

Another Choice Party

During the campaign phase in April 2023 Pinangese Federal Election, Cadno, former president of Pinang, had approached Zerorius Hiruko and discussed about forming the new party to counterweight two powerful Pinangese parties and prevent the two-party system in Pinang. Cadno and Zerorius shared the discussion for a while and came out with the name "Another Choice Party" to present the alternative choice for citizen in next coming election. Zerorius had been put in first of party list by Cadno, this leads the former senator, Zerorius, to be the member of Pinangese Parliament after the federal election in April 2023. Cadno served as first party leader until his suddenly disappearance from micronationalism around May 2023. Zerorius assumed the leadership as acting leader until promulgation of the party charter on 29 June 2023, when he assumed the party presidency, in acting position together with party leadership. The ideology of the party is state digitalism (the electronic democracy, digitalization of economy, unicameralism legislature), populism, trade unionism and federalism. The position of party has been determined as centrist.

Until July 2023 when Rafe Burfield, then president of Pinang, has the party rebranding deal proposed to Zerorius, changing the name of party to Partito Liberale and create the centrist coalition within the Pinangese Parliament. The deal was accepted with Zerorius will remain in position of party president and Rafe as new leader of new rebranded ACP, Partito Liberale.

The party logo from April - July 2023

Partito Liberale