Anson Bay

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Anson Bay
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Chamril beach.png
Anson Bay Hill Funicular.png
Top to bottom: Anson Bay CBD Skyline, Chamril Beach, Anson Bay Hill Funicular, N1 Highway of Samera
Flag of Anson Bay Nâvashiha
Official seal of Anson Bay Nâvashiha
Anson Bay, City of fun
Established as Kéane Ansonnivas1 May 1988
Renamed to Anson Bay9 June 2002
Founded byGerald Smith
 • GovernorNick Warden
 • Deputy GovernorMaxim Works
 • City15
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+11
ZIP Codes
100xx, 102xx, 103xx, 104xx, 105xx, 106xx
Vehicle registration111

Anson Bay (Sameran: Nâvashiha), formerly Ansonia, is the largest city of Samera. It was first established as a capital of the city-state Ansonia. After independence in 1996 Anson Bay became the capital until 2005 due to the 2005 East Tasmanian invasion of Samera. However Embassies still remain in Anson Bay. Anson Bay is highly based off Auroville in India due to its creativeness.


Anson Bay in 1989, This was before the grand expansion of 1995, The area here is now Libya Road and New Finland. The land was then paved into a road by tractors in 1996 before tram lines started entering by 1997 and an subway in 1998. Cardboard buildings were constructed around this time.

Anson Bay was first established as Kéane Ansonnivas in 1989 by Gerald Smith. It was the capital of the city-state Ansonia and was used as an main port city, In 1989 the capital was moved to the nearby city of Hyangsi once. However after the British East Tasmanian invasion it was conquered and became the capital of British East Capital. After Sameran independence in 1996 the city became the capital up until the 2005 East Tasmanian invasion of Samera where the capital was moved temporarily to Naranesa but it became permanent. However, Embassies still remain in Anson Bay.

Administrative division

There are 9 districts in Anson Bay which are

  • Samgong
  • Ngoram
  • Nyashu
  • Vervick
  • Manston
  • Warwick
  • Hastor
  • Anson Bay
  • Hyangsi


The major ethnic group in Anson Bay are Australians. However there are also Chinese, Indians etc residing and alot of ethnic enclaves in Anson Bay like for example, Anson Bay Chinatown, Koreatown, Japantown, Little India, Russiatown, West Libya Road (Turkish settlement), Marcus Street (Vietnamese settlement), Westborough Lane (Filipino settlement).

Anson Bay Chinatown


Rapid transit
Anson Bay Metro, Inside the train carriages are narrow but however has air conditioning and television.

The Anson Bay Metro is the main mode of transportation in Anson Bay besides to car. It has 3 lines and 30 stations. The Metro operates 24 hours. The trains are manufactured in the National Workshop in Anson Bay. This method is similar to railkarting which is what the locals in Tasmania would do which they would make their own railcar powered by car engine and put their railcar on the tracks. It has 20 underground stations, 9 elevated stations and 1 on-ground station.

Anson Bay Tram, Unlike the Anson Bay Metro it has no air conditioning. But it cost a bit more than the Metro to ride the tram

Besides the metro the other mode of transportation is apparently the Anson Bay tram. It runs from Maksurmon to Libya Road. However it does not cross the Anson Bay river into Samgong District, Ngoram, Nyashu and Vervick for a reason.

Vervick Monorail
Vervick Monorail

The Vervick Monorail serves Vervick Island which it is not connected to the mainland Anson Bay.


Anson Bay has 2 airports, the first is Anson Bay Intermicronational Airport and the second is Anson Bay Gerald Smith Intermicronational Airport. Anson Bay Intermicronational Airport is the main airport to Samera