António Fernandez

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António Fernandez
Minister of the Environment (Faltree)
In office
19 March 2022 – 23 May 2022
CommanderHunt Powell
Interior MinisterAsher Young
Preceded byI.J.W
Succeeded byI.J.W
Senator for New Havre
In office
8 January 2022 – 19 July 2022
Premier of Mensenberg
In office
26 January 2022 – 28 February 2022
HertogSean Dunkerque
Preceded byJoshua Stoddard
Succeeded byLouis de Blois
Personal details
Citizenship Faltree
Political partyUnion Bloc (2022)
Cliff Environmentalist Party (2022)
Faltrian National Party (2022)

António Fernandez was a prominent Faltrian-Mensen politician, soldier, and statesman during his time within the nation. He formally left Faltree, where he had his last citizenship, on 19 July 2022 after his growing dissatisfaction with micronations as a concept. He achieved the post of the Minister of the Environment during his tenure in the Faltrian Senate, wherein he pushed for further environmental legislation to curb emissions and litter within Faltree. António Fernandez was an outspoken supporter of Lusophilic pride as he himself was a Luso person, he established the Luso-Faltrian Association and was the main proponent of Lusophilic sentiment in Faltree. He was a close friend and associate of Owen Bean, as both enjoyed Linguistics and trolling individuals.