Anti-Faltrian sentiment

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Anti-Faltrian sentiment is hostility towards the government, people, or culture of Faltree.

Assemblian and Almendrian propaganda against Faltree, circa February 2022. Relations have since improved between Faltree and Assemblia (what is now Fontasia).



Assemblian-Faltrian War
Date14 August 2021
(10 minutes)
Result Status quo ante bellum
Assemblic Federation State of Faltree
Commanders and leaders
Conor Newman Hunt Powell

Anti-Faltrian sentiment was observed after the Assemblic Federation (now the Kingdom of Fontasia), declared war on Faltree following Conor Newman's accusation that Governor Owen Bean raided the Assemblic server (an action perpetrated by Javier Martinez). Newman demanded the removal of Bean from his position as Governor of Tug Hill and Oak, this demand being refused by the Faltrian government. The declaration elicited more hostility from other Faltrian citizens, who then lambasted and made insulted Newman. Assemblia relented after 10 minutes following Faltrian refusal to remove Bean and the lack of means to make war against Faltree. Assemblic disdain against Faltree would continue until February 2022, as Assemblia viewed the larger Faltrian state as a regional rival.

A thaw in relations occurred after the establishment of the Kingdom of Fontasia, as Fontasia became pre-occupied with states such as Zeprana and other troubles in the New England Sector. Conor Newman became a citizen of Faltree and later founded the Faltrian Ergatist Party on 21 April 2022. Fontasia gave diplomatic support to the Republic of Roscamistan during the Chepiwanoxet conflict, wherein Faltree invaded the territory of Roscami Rhode Island. Relations later thawed between the three nations following the conclusion of the conflict.


A screenshot of the #faltree-is-dead channel.

Anti-Faltrian sentiment has been observed numerous times in the Republic of Roscamistan, often from prominent Roscami politicians and citizens. Sentiment hostile towards Faltree began on 4 October 2022 with the unexpected Faltrian Declaration of Hostility,[1] as relations were previously positive between the two nations. The Chepiwanoxet conflict began with Faltree promptly threatening an invasion of Roscami territory, resulting in the Roscami government handing the territory back to Faltree.[2] "Faltree fell off fr" became a common phrase in Roscamistan, coined by Ali Farrokhzad and Roscami vice-president Ludwig Collins. The brief single-day dissolution of Faltree in November 2022 led to the immediate Roscami reclaiming of lost territory, Roscamistan establishing Roscami Chepiwanoxet on 5 November 2022. Chief Justice Nyck Bradaten created the "#faltree-is-dead" channel on the same day celebrating the dissolution of Faltree, other Roscami citizens sending ostensible anti-Faltrian messages.



As political accusation

Being "anti-Faltrian" has been a political accusation used frequently within Faltree, by both the Faltrian government and Faltrian citizens. Eryn Diaz, leader of the Communist Party of Faltree, had their party deregistered on the grounds of being "anti-Faltrian" after screenshots were discovered that led the Faltrian government to believe that Diaz was anti-Faltrian. Owen Bean proposed deporting Anthony G. for supposed anti-Faltrian beliefs, but this accusation was never confirmed and his proposition was ignored. Prominent Faltrian politician Matthew Laptev accused Samuel W. of anti-Faltrian values in September 2022. A micronational hierarchy chart sent in the Faltrian announcements channel accused those of Malusian, Östruckan, Surdamian, Kapresh, Scynn, Meritian, and Ballinfoylish stock to be "predisposed to anti-Faltrian beliefs."



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