Antonius Bergsman

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Antonius Bergsman
Coat of Arms of the President of Kunstatu
President Of The Republic of Kunstatu
Assumed office
25 January 2022
Speaker of the Delegation House (Republic of Kunstatu)
President Of The Provisional Government of the Republic of America
Assumed office
26 January
Personal details
Born31 December 2008 (2008-12-31) (age 14)
CitizenshipUnited States of America (2022), United States of America
NationalityAmerican, Kunstati
Political partyKunstati Republican Party (KRP)
Military service
AllegianceFakeflag-al1-ld2-ax3.png Republic of Kunstatu
Branch/service Kunstati Army
Years of service2022-
RankURM Miliary col.png Supreme Commander-in-Chief
Flag of the First Regiment
|23x15px|border |alt=|link=]]
First Regiment of the Kunstati Republic
Battles/warsBattle of North ANTioch, Operation Ignatius

Antonius Bergsman is Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Kunstati Army, Navy and SPACEWEHR and President of the Republic of Kunstatu. Historically, he was Great Leader of the South German Korea, formally President of the Reformed States of America. He led the SPACEWEHR to victory in the One Day War Kunstati-ANTiochan Conflict