Apachan Conservative Party

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Apachan Conservative Party
LeaderJack Cooper
ChairpersonJacob Stevens
Founded04 April 2017
HeadquartersApachea, Republic of Apachiland
IdeologyApachan Conservatism
National Liberalism
Market Economics
Colours  Blue
Apachan Parliament
5 / 10

The Apachan Conservative Party is a right wing political party that operates within the Republic of Apachiland, it is considered to be the major and dominant political party in Apachiland.



Apachi Democratic Party

The Apachi Democratic Party was a right wing political party within the Kingdom of Apachiland that existed until the start of the Apachan Civil War on Boxing Day 2017. The party stood for mostly reactionary and isolationist policies within the broader Intermicronational World and was founded by King Apache I, although he would not lead the party, instead delegating the position of Party Leader to Co-Founder of the Kingdom of Apachiland Jack Cooper.

During the April 8th 2017 Elections the Apachi Democratic Party won with a huge landslide of 85.4%, electing Jack Cooper to be the first President of the Kingdom of Apachiland

The party was split into two opposing factions, the Moderates and the Hardliners. The Moderates, lead by Jack Cooper, called for more Apachan involvement in the Intermicronational World where as the Hardliners, lead by King Apache I, preferred Isolationist and Protectionist polices. These issues would eventually culminate in King Apache I seizing control of the Apachan Parliament, the Moderates then left the party in protest in what would, on the day after the coup, result in the Apachan Civil War. The remaining Hardliners then merged the Apachi Democratic Party with the Apachi Nationalist Party forming the Apachi Monarchist Party.

The party was officially abolished on the Eighth of January 2018 upon the signing of the Apachea Treaty which officially ended the Apachan Civil War. The party was succeeded by the Apachan Democratic Party lead by President Jack Cooper.

Apachan Democratic Party

The Apachan Democratic Party was founded by President Jack Cooper upon the end of the Apachan Civil War. The party stood for Conservative polices as well as increased Apachan Intergration into the Intermicronational World. During the Apachan Democratic Party's time in control of Parliament the Kingdom of Apachiland joined many Intermicronational Organisations such as the League of Micronations as well as the Intermicronational Union and founded the Apachan Pact, a Military, Technological and Economic Alliance between various independent Micronations across the world.

The party was considered to be abolished upon the beginning of the Diarchy in the Kingdom of Apachiland, although the party was never officially disbanded. During the Diarchy the Apachan Democratic Party had very few members as all government officials had to be a member of the Apachan Monarchist Party, a policy strictly opposed by King Cooper I. However, upon the end of the Diarchy the Apachan Democratic Party returned to power within the Kingdom of Apachiland.

Upon the abdication of King Apache I on the 10th May 2020 the party was renamed to the Apachan National Conservative Party by Jack Cooper before the abolition of the Monarchy three days later.

Apachan Conservative Party

The Apachan National Conservative Party was renamed on the 20th May 2020 to the Apachan Conservative Party. The Apachan Conservative Party, although considered a successor to both the Apachi Democratic Party and the Apachan Democratic Party, differs widely on certain areas of policy. For example the Apachan Democratic Party was devoutly monarchist and supported almost all bills concerning strengthening the Monarchy, however, the Apachan Conservative Party is almost entirely filled with Apachan Republicans who do not want a return of the Monarchy.

Although the main ideology of the Apachan Conservative Party, that being Apachan Conservatism (Similar to early 1900's British Liberalism), the party still supports many other old policies such as continued intergration into the Intermicronational World as well as the Republic of Apachiland taking a leading position in establishing multimicronational treaties.

Jack Cooper was appointed as President by the cabinet of the Kingdom of Apachiland upon the abdication of King Apache I and was later elected by Parliament to be President until the next Presidential Election. During this time Apachiland joined the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation, Apachiland quickly became a leading figure in the organisation as they were elected President of the Confederation just seven months later. The Republic of Apachiland also founded the Micronational Congressional Union as a successor to the Apachan Pact, however, this organisation did not receive enough backing from both the Apachan Citizenry as well as Micronational Leaders and was merged with the Reformed Intermicronational Confederation upon the election of Jack Cooper as President of the organisation.

The Apachan Conservative Party chose Jack Cooper as their candidate for the April 8th 2018 Presidential Election to stand against William Neale of the Apachan Imperial Party. Incumbent President Cooper won in a landslide victory with 90% of the votes going towards him.


The Party holds five seats within the Apachan Parliament:

The Right Honourable Jack Cooper, President

The Right Honourable Cormac Gallagher, Vice President

The Right Honourable Jacob Stevens, Party Chair and Defence and War Secretary

The Right Honourable Caitlyn Murray, Member of Parliament

The Right Honourable William Rose, Member of Parliament