Apachan Liberal Party

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Apachan Liberal Party
LeaderAngus Dunn
ChairpersonEd Martineau
Founded24 January 2021
HeadquartersEtting, Republic of Apachiland
Classical Liberalism
Social Liberalism
Political positionCentre
Colours  Yellow
Apachan Parliament
1 / 10

The Apachan Liberal Party is a centrist political party that operates within the Republic of Apachiland, it is considered to be one of 4 minor parties in Apachiland



The party was founded by Angus Dunn, then Vice President of Apachiland, on 24 January 2021, although originally named the National Liberal Party. They chose not to contest the 2021 Apachan Presidential Election, citing a lack of support and their presumed candidate not able to dedicate time to a campaign due to other factors.

Conservative-Liberal coalition

Between 10 April 2021 and 16 April 2021, the party entered negotiations with the Conservatives to form a coalition between the 2 parties.

On the 16 April 2021 the coalition was ratified and announced to the nation. Upon its announcement, the coalition held 6 of the 10 seats in the Apachan Parliament.


The party has 1 MP, that being the leader, Angus Dunn