Aphelia Space Agency

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Aphelia Space Agency
ASA logo
Agency overview
Preceding agency
  • Established
TypeSpace agency
MottoTowards greater things
Svein Smedberg
Owner ASRN

Aphelia Space Agency is an intermicronational space agency owned and founded by Aphelia Space Research Nation, responsible for civilian and educational space program, focusing specifically on developing hybrid rocket propulsion and cubesat technology. Aside from activity in micronation sector, Aphelia Space Agency personnel involvement in space sector range from amateur rocketry, developing a small-lift launch vehicle, developing radio and nanosatellite based network and space policy consultant.


Evening sky from now defuncted Space Test Complex 1

ASRN has been involved in local amateur rocket and rocket festival, and continues to testing a solid fuel and hybrid fuel rocket on a small scale, as well as electronics and recovery systems for a amateur rocket group in Thailand until the group cease operation since before founding of the space agency. As ASRN's internal activity revived, Svein decide to established a proper space agency for ASRN to handle both internal space program, third party involvement and safeguarding space related intellectual property.

Primary goal of ASA is to open access to space for everyone. All ASA project are opened for international collaboration and intergovernmental contributions to the development and exploration of space regardless of skill or training in rocketry or engineering.


The ASA's projects vary in design. Overall, they primarily revolve around developing a sounding rocket and a cubesat at a cheaper cost to involvement in development of native and international space sector.

Project Organisation Type Description Status Outcome
Undisclosed Undisclosed third party ASRN personnel involvement First privately build hybrid rocket, low altitude prototype launch from southeast asia Complete Success
Undisclosed Undisclosed third party ASRN personnel involvement Test firing hybrid rocket motor for low altitude education Finished Finished
Spaceport America competition SEDS ASRN personnel involvement Entering Spaceport America student rocketry competition in 2022 Cancelled, financial issue Cancelled
Educational rocket launch 1 (temporary name) ASA Internal project Launching student payload in low altitude flight for school in rural area Planning Planning


While the ASRN no longer claims most of its territories, the nation remains headquarter in the same areas as of 2021 and loaned its territory (including its burgeoning test range) to outside entities.

Name Location Type Acquisition Status
Space Test Complex 1 Thailand Static fire test site Ownership Decommissioned, safety concern
K13 Test Ground Thailand Static fire test site Leased Decommissioned, too small for high power motor test