April 2022 Neptunian parliamentary election

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Neptunian parliamentary election, April 2022

← 2022 I 15–16 April 2022 2022 III →

All 7 seats in the House of Representatives
4 needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  File:Nicolas Caiazzo portrait cropped.png
Leader Nicolas Caiazzo Andrew Perdomo
Party Workers' Party Monarchist Party of Neptunia
Leader since 30 February 2022 6 March 2022
Last election 60.0%, 5 seats New party
Seats before 4 2

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Sullivan Matthews None
Party Neptunia Progressive Party Independent
Leader since 6 March 2022
Last election New party 40.0%, 2 seats
Seats before 0 1

The composition of the House of Representatives prior to 15 April 2022.

Co-President before election


Co-President after election


A parliamentary election will be held in Neptunia on 15–16 April 2022 to elect the second meeting of the House of Representatives. The Workers' Party won a majority in the extremely low-turnout February 2022 election, and are looking to defend their majority. The leader of the party which forms a majority coalition will become a Co-President of Neptunia.

Neptunia uses a score voting system with multiple winners - unique among micronations in its sector. In the system, all candidates for the House of Representatives run against each other all at once; the seven candidates with the highest scores are elected.


The Workers' Party released several posters inspired by Soviet propaganda posters shortly after filing opened for the election. They also released a platform on 22 March which outlined five main policy goals for the next legislative session.