Archbishop of Cania

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Archbishop of Cania
StyleThe Most Reverand
CountryKingdom of Cania
HeadquartersPort Dragos
DenominationEastern Orthodox
Established21 February 2023
Parent churchChurch of Cania

The Archbishop of Cania is the senior-most bishop and principle leader of the Church of Cania. They chair the General Synod of the church and are appointed by the monarch on the advice of parliament.

Present Role and Status

The archbishop has some main roles:

  1. Senior Primate and Chief Figure of the Church of Cania
  2. Chairs the General Synod
  3. Plays a Notable Role in State Ceremonial Events

The officeholder is also granted a seat as a Lord Spiritual in the House of Lords.


When the position of archbishop falls vacant the General Synod will recommend people who are fit for office to the Prime Minister who presents the names to parliament. Both houses of parliament then vote and then the candidate with the overall majority is then presented to the monarch for appointment.

Theoretically, the monarch can appoint whomever they wish to office, but typically only appoint the archbishop with the nomination and consent of parliament.

Criteria for Office

To be eligible for nomination to office the following criteria must be met:

  • Hold Canian Citizenship
  • Be a Member of the Church of Cania
  • Hold Ordination in the Church
  • Be Noticed as a Suitable Candidate by the General Synod

Styles and Privileges

The archbishop is styled as "The Most Reverend" and upon retirement they can keep the style "The Right Reverend". By convention the archbishop is appointed to the privy council so keeps the style "The Right Honourable" for life unless they are removed from the council.

The archbishop is also guaranteed a seat in the House of Lords, alongside the 5 provincial bishops.

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