Archbishop of Yalta

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Archbishop of Yalta
StyleThe Most Reverend
Country Kingdom of Yalta
Formation1 May 2023
Established1 May 2023
Parent churchChurch of Yalta

The Archbishop of Yalta is the most senior bishop and principal leader of the Church of Yalta. The archbishopric was established on 1 May 2023 and is sometimes known as the Primate of All Yalta.

The archbishop is appointed by the Monarch of Yalta in their capacity as the Supreme Governor of the Church of Yalta. The Prime Minister of Yalta is also permitted to nominate Church of Yalta ministers for enthronement in the role. The archbishop is always of the Anglo-Catholic traditions and beliefs as that is the traditions and beliefs the church follows.

Role and Status

The primary roles of the archbishop are currently:

  1. Primate and Chief Religious Figure of the Church of Yalta
  2. Chair the General Synod
  3. Partake in High-Profile State Ceremonial Events

As a holder of one of the great sees in Yalta, the archbishop is ex officio one of the Lords Spiritual in the House of Lords. He is also the highest ranking non-royal in the Yaltan order of precedence.


The archbishop of Yalta was the first religious ministerial title to be created in Yalta. It was established on 1 May 2023 with the establishment of the Church of Yalta.

Style and Privileges

The archbishop is styled as "The Most Reverend" and upon retirement they are styled as "The Right Reverend". Archbishops are, by convention, appointed to the Privy Council, and so may also use the style of "The Right Honourable" for life unless they are later removed from the council.

During their tenure as archbishop, officeholders sit also as a member of the House of Lords.

In formal documents, the archbishop of Yalta is referred to as "The Most Reverend [Forenames], by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Yalta, Primate of All Yalta" and during debates in the House of Lords the archbishop is referred to as "The Most Reverend Primate, the Archbishop of Yalta".

In the Yaltan order of precedence the archbishop of Yalta is ranked above all other individuals in the realm with the exception of the monarch and members of the royal family.

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