Archbishop of Zinland

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Archbishop of Zinland
StyleThe Most Reverand
CountryRepublic of Zinland
Established16 April 2023
Parent churchChurch of Zinland

The Archbishop of Zinland is the most senior bishop and principle leader and primate of the Church of Zinland. They are appointed by the President of Zinland on the advice of parliament and the General Synod of the Church.

Role and Status

The primary roles of the archishop include:

  • Primate of the Church
  • Chief Figure of the Church
  • Hosting Sermons
  • Aiding in State Ceremonial Events


When the position of archbishop falls vacant the General Synod will nominate eligible candidates for the role to parliament. Parliament then votes on the candidates and the one who receives an overall majority in parliament is then nominated to the President of Zinland who then makes the final appointment to the position of archbishop.

Style and Privileges

The archbishop is styled as "The Most Reverend" and upon retirement they can keep the style "The Right Reverend".

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