Archduchy of Kelman

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Archduchy of Kelman
Coat of arms
Motto: In the Name of the Arch Duke We Strive!
CapitalWolfpond City
Largest citySteřadon
Official languagesKelmanic Script (de facto)
English (de jure)
Demonym(s)Kelmanian (Noun); Kelmanic (Adjective)
• Archduke
Liam Raymond
Establishment22 June 2015
• Census

Kelman, known officially as the Archduchy of Kelman, is a micronation founded on June 22, 2015. It is dominated by the Raymond Order, which is comprised of Archduke Liam Raymond's family.


Wolfpond era

During the first few months of its existence, Kelman was called the United Republics of Wolfpond. The very first "Wolfpond" was created in 2011 on a Minecraft server. It was then recreated in every server that Chairman Liam Raymond and Minister of Trade Callum went on. In 2015, it was made into micronation. Early on in Wolfpond's history, it was a communist state called the United Socialist Republics of Wolfpond, but due to high civil unrest it was changed into a democracy and renamed to the United Republics of Wolfpond. Wolfpond joined forces with MNTO, a short-lived alliance, on May 24, 2015, being one of four founding members along with Nedland, the Usian Republic and the Duchy of the Lowcountry. After the Gunderson v. JB dispute happened within the MNTO, Chairman Raymond became president of the organisation. A day or two after becoming president Chairman disbanded the failing organisation, stating that the organisation could not go on limping around like this.

Wolfpond's Workers Party was also a member party of the International of Left-wing Parties (ILP).

American Byzantium

Wolfpond, suffering from inactivity, became known as the Archduchy of Kelman when it became a member state of the newly formed American Byzantium. Lacobus the Nord, leader of the Kingdom of Higgsbury (The head state and predecessor of American Byzantium), won over negotiations with Nedland involving Kelman's allegiance. Kelman was then vassalised by Higgsbury, thus becoming a state/province of American Byzantium.

However, due to a lack of communication between Lacobus and Raymond, the union between the two is not clearly defined.

Kelman is currently experiencing inactivity.

Government and politics

Kelman currently only has one political party in its Parliament, the Raymond Order. It consists of the Archduke's family, and is a member of the ILP.

Foreign relations


Mutual recognition