Archland Empire

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Archland Empire
Flag of Archland Empire
Motto: The Sun Never Sets On The Archland Empire
Anthem: Archland The Great, Rule Archlanda
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Archlandish
• King Wallace
King Wallace the Great
CurrencyEnglish Stirling (GBP) The Archland Dollor Micro Euro
Time zoneGMT

The Archland Empire (known as Arkland in the country's native tongue) is an executive monarchy founded in 2011 by King Wallace the Great in his bedroom. The country has since expanded into an empire and been recognized by other micronations such as St. Annwells. Archland appears to have been inactive since 2014.


Archland Civil War

A notable episode in the history of the micronation was the Archland Civil War, which lasted from 2011 to 2012. The conflict began due to an attempt by the Duke of St. Annwells to have his land secede from Archland to start a new country.

The war comprised of two major battles. The first, known as the Battle of the Sleeping Bear (a metaphorical term indicating a powerful but previously passive entity that has now been roused to anger) took place when the Duke of St. Anwells first announced the secession. King Wallace ordered troops to occupy St. Anwells and stay in a defensive position waiting for an attack, which took place on 25 August 2011. The opposing army was no match for the superior Archland Army under the command of King Wallace, with the battle a decisive victory for Archland and numerous military decorations being awarded.

The second battle of the Archland Civil War, the Battle of St. Annwells, took place on 16 April 2012 when King Wallace, tired of the stalemate in the war, launched a huge attack on St. Annwells' capital, Cooperstown. However, having underestimated the strength of the rebels, the battle resulted in a victory for the Republic of St. Annwells. On 28 April 2012, a peace treaty was signed ending the war and granting St. Anwells independence from the Archland Empire.

On 1 May 2013, Archland proposed a treaty of military alliance under which St. Annwells would become a protectorate of Archland.

Demography and Territories

Territory Number Location Population
1 Ireland (1 Flat) tbc
2 United Kingdom (2 apartments) tbc
3 Columbia (1 house) tbc
4 Taiwan (1 house) tbc
5 Japan (1 house) tbc
6 United States (2 Houses (NY & Boston) tbc
7 Philippines (1 house) tbc
8 East St Annwells tbc

Diplomatic Relations

Archland is open to diplomatic relations with any country. The Archland Empire is an observer within the Grand Unified Micronational, a member of the European Union of Micronations and also part of the Union Against Micronational War. Finally, Archland is a member of the new Organisation of United Emerging States (OUES).

Alliances and Diplomatic Relations


The Archlandic Government has one legislative Parliament and is split up into two groups of Parliament, The House of Lords and The House of Commons. Archland is an Executive Monarch and has been since 2012. The Parliament is made of two parties, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party. There are five seats in the House of Commons. Three of which are held by the Conservative Party and two are held by the Liberal Party. There are six seats in the House of Lords. Three of which are held by the Conservative Party and three are held by the Liberal Party. The current Prime MInister, Prime Minister Wallace is a conservative. The Deputy Prime Minister is held by Minister of Finance, Combs. Combs is a conservative, as well.


The coat of arms for King Wallace

The Archlandic Government is an Executive Monarch. The King has power, but is restricted in the Archlandic Constitution. The King is the head of foreign relations. He is in charge of all diplomatic relations and can have diplomatic relations with any nation that will support Archland and have a mutual gain for every country involved.


The total landmass of Archland is 22 square miles and has territories extending from Pacific Asia to Western Europe and North America. There are 10 states that make up Archland. The capital Wallaceandria is located in London. 'Wallaceandria' is pronounced like Alexandria in Archland. The second-largest city is Wallaceburg (Walburg for short) located in East St. Annwells as the Region Capital.


Archland's Economy is a Capitalist Economy. In recent years it has established The Royal Bank of Archland. The Archland Stock Exchange (ASE) is based in the country's capital, Wallaceandria. In Archland's first year as a country, the Archland economy crashed over inflation. Currently, Archland's economy has bounced back from "rags to riches' and is growing stronger each day. The Royal Bank of Archland] sells each share at $4.50. One Archland dollar is equivalent to US$5.

Archland East India Company

The Archland East India Company Is one of the largest companies in Archland


Cornwall College was established in 2012. As the first university of its kind, all members of Parliament must attend Cornwall since it is the only Archlandic University in the world. As a member of Archland's Parliament, you are required to hold degrees in Political Science and Business. All citizens of Archland must have a seventh-grade education or higher. Notable students at Cornwall include His Majesty, King Wallace, Archduke Jain, and Deputy Prime Minister Combs. The Minister of Education appointed Foyle as Headmaster of Cornwall College.


The Royal Archlandic Army is made of the Royal Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. The Army is Comprised of 8 Regiments They include The 1rst Royal Guard, The 2nd St. Annwells Guard, The 3rd Kings own Irish Brigade, The 4th Wallace Highlanders, The 5th Wallaceburg Highlanders, The 6th Kings Dragoons Guards, The 7th Kings Hussars, The 8th Kings own Royal Georgetown Grenadiers and The 4th Light Horse Brigade Mounted Infantry. Also a large part of all the Armed forces Is The Kings Foreign Legion which is non Archlandic soldiers who fight for the Crown but there are many more KFL Regiments.

Royal Navy

The Royal Navy was Established in 2012


The Royal Archland Police Department was established in 2013. The first department created was in the capital Wallaceandria, then in Wallaceburg, then all over the empire. The police maintain the order in the empire and enforce the laws on behalf of the Crown. The Kings Foreign Legion Police Department makes up one-quarter of The RAPD and is currently an elite police department majoring in riot police and missions like the SAS does.


There is no official religion of Archland, however all religions are welcome and treated with respect as mentioned in the constitution.