Archprincipality of Ascar

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Archprincipality of Ascar
Erzfürstentum Ascar (German)
Flag of Archprincipality of Ascar
Coat of arms
Motto: But we persevere
Anthem: Gott erhalte Georg den Erzfürst
Location of Ascarian claims in Europe
Location of Ascarian claims in Europe
CapitalPrinzenstadt auf Lachs
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentUnitary semi-constitutional monarchy
LegislatureImperial Council
House of Peers
House of Knights
31 October 1918
• Petition for Independence
11 June 2022
• Estimate
722 (De facto)
1 (De jure)
CurrencyPound sterling
Time zoneUTC+0:00 (GMT)
Driving sideleft

The Archprincipality of Ascar, more commonly known as Ascar, is a micronation with claims in central Europe and the United Kingdom. The Archprincipality was founded in 2022 and is currently administrated from its embassy in Kingston upon Hull.

Ascar is ruled by a semi-constitutional monarch, who is currently the Archprince George. The micronation also has the Imperial Council who pass laws.

Ascar is not currently in any formal alliance or agreement with any micronation. Ascar does however recognise any nation which wishes to be recognised as a micronation.


Ascar was founded on 11 June 2022 as a successor state to Austria-Hungary. It was founded by the current Archprince, George, who was inspired by European territories and titles. It originally claimed land on the border of Luxembourg and Austria. It was then decided that for administrative purposes that it would be beneficially to the Archprincipality that land was also claimed in the Archprince's homeland, the United Kingdom. That land became Prinzenstadt auf Lachs, or Lachs for short, and has served as the capital of the Archprincipality since.

Politics and government

As a semi-constitutional monarchy the Archprince, as head of state, plays a part in law making. The laws are made by the Imperial Council, a two house institution based on the Westminster system. The two houses are the House of Peers, membership is by right of nobility, and the House of Knights, members are elected but must be a member of an order of Ascarian chivalry.


The Archprince is the head of state of Ascar and commander-in-chief of the Ascarian Armed Forces. He uses his powers as a semi-constitutional monarch to influence lawmaking in the Imperial Council.


The Archchancellor is the head of government of Ascar and head of the Imperial Council. They are elected every year by members of the House of Peers and Knights.

Orders of Chivalry

There are currently 3 orders of chivalry within the Ascarian Honours

Complete name Ranks Established Awarded to/for Ribbon
Grand Order of the Emperor Knight/Dame
12 June 2022
Recognition of service to preservation of the history and traditions of Monarchism
OK (2).png
Most Noble Order of the Goat Knight/Dame Commander
11 June 2022
A recognition by the Archprince of nobility and bravery of individuals, within Ascar and elsewhere
Order of the Goat.png
Order of the Prince Knight/Dame Grand Commander
Knight/Dame Commander
12 June 2022
Recognition of services to Ascar
Order of the Prince.png

Illustrious Medal of the Archprince

The Illustrious Medal of the Archprince is a medal given to those whose contributions to Ascar, its government and the Archprince have accelerated the nations progress. The medal is reserved for those who are truly dedicated to Ascar.