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Types of government

Aristocracy is a form of government in which social class usually plays an important role in political and administrative affairs. Aristocracies are characterised by an ongoing struggle to determine who holds more influence over society and the maintenance of power through a hereditary line (i.e., monarchy). Usually, the highest class in aristocratic society is the Aristocracy itself, which in turn may be divided into several sub-classes. Wealth often plays an important part in determining one's social class, thus establishing a direct link with plutocracy (rule by wealth).

Often, aristocracy is maintained only in an absolute monarchy, although the system can theoretically work in a number of different political systems. Most micronations operate only a partial aristocratic system if they chose to have one - few citizens would enjoy being assigned the role of a Serf on the social ladder. In many cases, membership in micronational aristocracy is by appointment to the nobility by a Monarch.