Armed Forces of Aarland

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Aarlandian Defense Force
Russian: Силы обороны Аарланда
Emblem of the Aarland Defense Force
Founded20 August 2020
Service branches
  • Department of Justice Border Safety Division
  • Department of Justice Air Component
Commander-in-Chief Tim Landa
Counsellor for JusticeVacant
Commander of the Defense ForceVacant
Military age16-30
Active personnel2
Reserve personnel4
Budget5000 RUB (80 USD)

The Aarlandian Defense Force or, officially, Aarlandian Department of Justice Defense Force (ADF; Russian: Силы обороны Департамента Юстиции Аарланда; German: Verteidigungskräfte des Amt für Justiz von Aarland), is the unified defense force of the Republic of Aarland.

The institution comprises of land and air elements referred as Department of Justice Border Safety Division, GSD (German: Aarlandische Grenzschutzdienst) and Department of Justice Air Component, ALK (German: Aarlandische Luftkomponente), respectively. Personnel may belong to the reserve force or a regular force.

The force is headed by the Head of the Department of Justice and the Commander of the Aarlandian Defense force. The Federal President is the titular head of the Defense Force.

Current Structure

The force has the following structure:

Border Safety Division:

  • Headquarters
    • Federal District Border Safety Division (located in Bergland)
    • Southern Border Safety Division (located in Seestadt)
      • Seestadt Border Safety Detachment (based in Seestadt)
      • Felsenbgurg Detachment (based in Felsenburg)
  • Department of Justice Coast Guard
    • Stromland Coast Guard Detachment (based in Stromland)
    • Seestadt Coast Guard Detachment (based in Seestadt)

Air Component:

  • 1st Unmanned Aircraft Squadron (based on the Bergland Airfield)
  • 2nd Unmanned Aircraft Squadron (based in Seestadt)
  • 1st Fixed Wing Squadron (TBD)

Ranks and uniforms


Ranks are equal to the ones of the Department of Justice officers but with the "of Force" suffix:

  1. Chief of Force
  2. Colonel of Force
  3. Captain of Force
  4. Lieutenant of Force
  5. Sergeant of Force
  6. Senior Officer of Force
  7. Officer of Force


There are two type of uniforms: service uniform and combat uniform. The service uniform is standart for the whole Department of Justice and includes white plain shirt with the DOJ or Defense Force branch patch and a collar rank insignia. The combat uniform includes khaki pants and t-shirt, detachment and service branch patch on the sleeves and embroided insignia patches on the shoulders. Both uniforms may include holsters and plate carriers if applicable.