Armed Forces of Albia

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Armed Forces of Albia
War Flag of Albia
Founded13 June 2022
Current form22 June 2022
Service branches Albian Army
Royal Albian Air Force
Royal Albian Navy
Royal Albian Coast Guard
Commander-in-ChiefLuke I of Albia
Prime MinisterVacant
Minister of DefenceVacant
Chief of Defence StaffVacant
Active personnel0
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0
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The Armed Forces of Albia are the primary military defence forces of the Kingdom of Albia.


The Armed Forces of Albia were established on 13 June 2022 by King Luke I of Albia to act as the principal organisation responsible for the defence and protection of the kingdom.


The primary role of the armed forces is to defend the Kingdom of Albia. They also help promote Albian ideals.



Officers are the commissioned personnel of the military. They have received a commission from the Monarch and take on leadership positions and some roles are limited to commissioned officers.


Enlisted personnel make up the bulk of the armed forces. They take on specialist roles that help develop, manage and use equipment to help defend the Kingdom.


The Armed Forces are overseen by the Albian Ministry of Defence, with the ministry being responsible for things such as financing and recruitment as well as providing equipment. The Monarch of Albia holds the position of Commander-in-Chief and holds some power over the Armed Forces.

The Armed Forces are primarily lead by the Chief of Defence Staff and the Chiefs of Staff Committee. The committee is made of the Chief of Defence Staff and the other branch chiefs and handles the day to day running of the armed forces.


The branches of the Armed Forces are:

Each branch is managed by an appointed Chief of Staff and plays a different, yet equally important, role in national defence.

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