Armed Forces of Algard

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Armed Forces of Algard
Forças Armadas da Algard
Founded7 July 2022
Current form10 July 2022
Service branchesDefence Force of Algard
Republican Guard
Commander-in-ChiefKyle of Algard
Prime MinisterVacant
Minister of DefenceVacant
Chief of Defence StaffVacant
Active personnel0
Reserve personnel0
Deployed personnel0
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The Armed Forces of Algard are the military forces of the Algardian Republic.

The President of Algard is the head of the military, with the title of Supreme Commander-in-Chief. The management of the Armed Forces and the execution of the national defense policy is however done by the government (chaired by the Prime Minister) via its Minister of Defence. The highest-ranking officer in the military is the Chief of Defence Staff, which has operational control of the Armed Forces during peacetime and assumes their full control when a state of war exists.


The Armed Forces where established on 7 July 2022. Under Kyle of Algard's presidency they are being developed to become a well developed and operational group of forces.


=Command Structure

As head of state, the President of Algard sits as head of the Armed Forces and hold the office of Supreme Commander-in-Chief. While, by convention, the Prime Minister and Minister of Defence carry out the primary day-to-day running of the Armed Forces, the President remains the ultimate authority of the military, with officers and personnel swearing allegiance to the presidency. This includes the power to prevent unconstitutional use of the armed forces.


All branches of the armed forces recruit primarily from within the republic. However in extraordinary circumstances the Ministry of Defence may authorise recruits to be taken from the wider micronational community.

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