People's National Liberation Army (Erusia)

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People's National Liberation Army

Official flag of Erusia
Founded August 30, 2009
Headquarters Erus City
Chairman of the Central Military Commission Robert Lethler
National People's Executive Commissioner for State Defence Comrade Commander Charles Ryan
Executive Commander Comrade General (Senior Grade) Karolina Wilson
Service branches People's National Liberation Army Main Force, Revolutionary Workers' and Peasants Army
Military manpower
Military age 15 (de facto age is 16)
Active troops 6
Reserve troops 12
Total Personnel 18

The People's National Liberation Army (PNLA), commonly known either as the People's Army or the Liberation Army, is the unified armed force and sole legal military organisation in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Unlike most unified armed forces, both of its divisions are land-based. Established officially on August 30th 2009, the PNLA is the successor to the People's National Guard for the Defence of the Revolution and the Proletarian People of Erusia, the paramilitary branch of the ruling Erusian National Communist Party that was outlawed by the Supreme People's Court for being unconstitutional.

Although the Liberation Army is nominally independent of the Communist Party and falls under the de jure ultimate authority of the Standing Committee of the National People's Assembly and the National People's Executive Commission for State Defence, in reality the Party maintains tight de facto control of the Army by ensuring all of its senior commanders - and most if not all of its personnel - are members of the ENCP. As such, the People's Army falls under the jurisdiction of the Communist Party's Central Military Commission.