Armed Forces of Slavtria

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Armed Forces of Slavtria
Озброє Сили зв Славатрі Респаблік (Slavtrian)
The war flag of the Republic of Slavtria, which is the de facto flag of the Armed Forces
Founded27 February 2021
Service branches Slavtrian Army
Slavtrian Air Force
Slavtrian Space Force
Slavtrian Military Police
HeadquartersStudia City, Slavtria
Active personnel1
Reserve personnel2
Deployed personnel0

The Slavtrian Armed Forces, also known as the Slavtrian Military, and officially the Armed Forces of the Republic of Slavtria (Slavtrian: Озброє Сили зв Славатрі Респаблік, Ozbroye Syly zv Slavatri Respablik), are the armed forces of the Republic of Slavtria. The armed forces are comprised of 4 branches, the Army, the Air Force, the Space Force, and the Military Police. The Slavtrian Police Force was formerly a branch, but was moved to the newly founded services group named the Slavtrian Emergency Services, and replaced by the Slavtrian Military Police.

Military parades

Military parades are in the process of being organized by the Slavtrian government, and are presumed to start sometime in the next few years.