Armed Forces of the Empire of Escova

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The Armed Forces of the Empire of Escova are the official protectors of the Imperial borders. The Commander in Chief is the Emperor of Escova. The Administrative Head is the Director General of the Armed Foces. The Armed Forces are split up into 3 groups:

The Imperial Escovan Guard

This is the official flag of the Imperial Guard 

The Imperial Escovan Guard is the land borne arm of the Armed Forces. The Guard is currently recruiting and consists of 1 Company, the Emperors Own Guards. The Guard are responsible for the preservation of the borders of the Empire of Escova, and could be used in the event of war against enemy countrys.

The Imperial Escovan Navy

Escovan Navy Flag.jpg

The Imperial Navy consists of 2 attack craft, which can carry up to 5 men each, and are used as transport for the Emperor and his subjects in peacetime and can wage war from the water in the event of war.

The Imperial Escovan Marines

Escovan Marines Flag.png

The Imperial Escovan Marines are the forces that operate alongside the Imperial Escovan Navy, any soldier from the Imperial Guard that operates on a Navy ship is automatically a Marine.

Imperial High Command

The Empire of Escova has a central control system for all three branches, the Imperial High Command. High Command issues any orders reguarding the Armed Forces, and are responsible for their upkeep. High Command is composed of:

1. The Commander in Chief- the commander in chief is the ruling monarch of the Empire of Escova. (Office currently occupied by Emperor Garrett I)

2. The Director General of the Armed Forces- The Director is responsible for the administrative duties of the Armed Forces, and is not responsible for control on the battlefield. Is above all other officers except the Emperor, who is commander in chief. (Office currently vacant)

3. Field Marshal- The Field Marshal is the head of the Imperial Escovan Guard. (Office currently occupied by Duke Erik Mannery)

4. Fleet Admiral, Lord of the Admiralty- the Fleet Admiral is the head of the Imperial Escovan Navy and the Marines. (Office currently occupied by Fleet Admiral Austin)

5. Captain of the Guard- The Captain's role is mostly ceremonial and can be presented to foreign heads of state as gifts. Currently the only Captain is Crown Prince Parker.

Weapons and Policy

Weapons The Armed Forces of the Empire of Escova carry non-lethal airsoft rifles and an assortment of other small weapons. Policy The Armed Forces are used primarily as a peace keeping unit, although they can be called upon to defend the Empire in times of war. The Policy of the Armed Forces is to only advance into the enemy when they have ample men to defend the Empires borders. The Armed Forces have yet to be deployed in an active war zone. The Emperor can call upon the Armed Forces to execute drills and take part in manuevers and parades when called upon. The Imperial Escovan Guard is also the police force in the Empire.