Army of the European Libertarian Confederation

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European Libertarian Army
War Ensign
Army Symbol
Founded December 4 2009
Country European Libertarian Confederation
Role Main Land Force
Corps's Infantry, Engineers, Army Medical Corps (AMC)
Size 60
Motto United against Fascism;
Anniversary December 4
Previous Engagements European Libertarian Civil War
Current Engagements War Against Fascism
Standard weapon T68 RIS (Paintball)
Current commander General Royce

The Army is the largest of the components of the Armed Forces of the European Libertarian Confederation.


There are 40 Infantry, 10 Engineers and 10 Army Medical Corps Soldiers. There are 2 Infantry Regiments each of twenty soldiers. There is also an Engineer and a Medical Regiment.


  • Newby Regiment (Mechanised)
  • Ings Guards (Light Infantry)


  • 11 Engineer Regiment
  • 16 Medical Regiment


The military has a similar conscription system to that of the Swiss Army. Upon reaching 14 males are trained and then called up for service for 1 week a year.



Each Soldier is issued 3 weapons that they keep in their residence and are responsible for.

Personal Weapons are in Bold

  • T68 RIS - Battle Rifle (Paintball)
  • T68 Desert Storm - Assault Rifle (Paintball)
  • Tiberius T8 - Pistol (Paintball)
  • M249 Minimi - Machine Gun (Paintball)
  • Breda M378 - Heavy Machine Gun (Paintball)
  • Milsig 99 - Sniper Rifle (Paintball)


  • Landrover Freelander 2 - General Purpose Vehicle (Can be modified to carry out following Duties)

Troop Carrier, Mine Detector, Signals Vehicle

  • Landrover Discovery 4 - Battle Vehicle