Arterra Empire

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Arterra Empire
Flag of Arterra Empire
Coat of arms of Arterra Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: The world is too giant to live within one planet
Location of the Arterra Empire in solar system. Planets in order, beginning from the sun: • Mercury (red) • Venus (dark blue) •Arterra (green) • Earth (blue) • Mars (yellow) • Jupiter (orange) • Saturn (yellow) • Uranus (aqua) • Neptune (dark blue) • Pluto (brown)
Location of the Arterra Empire in solar system.
Planets in order, beginning from the sun:

• Mercury (red) • Venus (dark blue)
Arterra (green) • Earth (blue)
• Mars (yellow) • Jupiter (orange)
• Saturn (yellow) • Uranus (aqua)

• Neptune (dark blue) • Pluto (brown)
CapitalArterra space station
Official languagesEnglish
• Emperor
Konstantin I
Establishment9 June 2021

The Artérra Empire is a micronation that is created to research and populate space by human.

The Arterra pretends on orbit that locates between the Earth's orbit and the Venus's one.

For now, the Arterra has no real territory yet.


9 June 2021 the Emperor Konstantin I founded the Arterra Empire.

23 January 2022 the Emperor Konstantin I changed the position of Arterra station orbit. From now, Arterra station locates between orbits of Earth and Venus, instead of Earth and Mars ones. This decision was made because the Venus is the closest planet with atmosphere that contains substances which can be used to generate air, water, fuel and other materials needed to support and development of the Arterra Empire.


The Arterra got its name from combination of words: English Artificial and Latin Terra that literally means artificially created earth.

Arterra space station

View of the Arterra station

The Arterra space station is the capital of the Arterra Empire.

It is located between orbits of such planets as Earth and Venus.

It has network of satellites surrounding whole station which mark the state border, solar batteries directed to the Sun and habitation module. In center of habitation module there are two gateways, by one on the each side.

The station is in constant rotation around its axis to create gravity due to centrifugal force. Inside there are hydroponic farm to provide residents with food, sewage treatment plants for water treatment, a life support system to maintain the atmosphere.



Arterrian native language is English.

English is also recognized and it can be used for diplomatic conversations.


The Arterra is a secular state. The Emperor does not set special requirements for type of religion. People can personally choose their religion whatever they want or already have if it does not harm to others. But all churches, sects and other similar religion associations are denied.


The most important holiday is the Arterra day that is celebrating on 9 June as memory day when the Arterra Empire was founded.