Arthur C. de Tourneau, Archduke of Duckionary

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Arthur I
His Royal Highness, Archduke of Duckionary
Arthur C. de Tourneau.png
Portrait of His Royal Highness in 2022
Archduke of Duckionary
Reign10 March 2022 – present
Coronation25 August 2023
PredecessorSelf (as President)
President of Duckionary
In office
24 August 2018 – 10 March 2022
Succeeded bySelf (as Archduke)
Ambassador to Austenasia to Austria
Assumed office
25 March 2021
MonarchJonathan I
Prime MinisterJohn Gordon
William Wilson
Member of the Privy Council of Vishwamitra
Assumed office
25 March 2023
MonarchDhrubajyoti Roy
PresidentShiro Mephistopheles
Phillip Joseph Pillin
Preceded byCarson Snyder
Honorary Ambassador of Vishwamitra to Austria
(with subsequent accredition to Slovenia)
Assumed office
16 May 2021
MonarchDhrubajyoti Roy
Prime MinisterȘtefan Marius Snagoveanu
Farhaz Hazarika
Phillip Joseph Pillin
Farhaz Hazarika
BornSchärding, Austria
ReligionRoman Catholic
Nationality Austrian
WebsiteArchduke's personal site
Signature of Arthur C. de Tourneau.svg

Archduke Arthur I of Duckionary (Arthur Constantin de Tourneau), is a micronationalist and the current reigning Archduke of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary, encompassing all its dependent territories. He ascended to the leadership on 24 August 2018, initially assuming the roles of Emperor, Chancellor, and President of Duckionary in a personal capacity until 09 March 2022.

Since 10 March 2022, Archduke Arthur I has held the official title of Archduke of Duckionary. The formal coronation ceremony is scheduled to take place on 25 August 2023, further solidifying his position as the nation's sovereign. Additionally, he has held the de jure position of Prime Minister of Duckionary since 10 March 2022.

Archduke Arthur I's tenure and multifaceted roles exemplify his dedication to Duckionary's governance and advancement. His leadership, both as the head of state and as a prime ministerial figure, signifies his commitment to guiding Duckionary towards prosperity, stability, and the fulfillment of its national objectives.

Engagement in Duckionary and other micronations

In addition to his role as reigning Archduke of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary, Arthur C. de Tourneau holds several prestigious positions and has notable connections within the micronational community. He is Chairman of the prestigious Civic Association of Duckionary and leads its activities and initiatives.

In addition, Arthur C. de Tourneau holds the honorable office of Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Duckionary, demonstrating his commitment to upholding the noble traditions and values associated with this prestigious order.

Beyond Duckionary, he is actively engaged on the international stage as Ambassador of Austenasia, Vishwamitra and Melite, fostering diplomatic relations and promoting mutual understanding between Duckionary and these nations.

Arthur C. de Tourneau has gained attention and recognition through his diplomatic efforts, including important meetings with the heads of state or representatives of Slowjamastan, Kugelmugel and Seborga. These meetings demonstrate his commitment to building alliances, promoting cooperation and dialogue between micronations.

Through his diverse assignments and international involvement, Arthur C. de Tourneau demonstrates his commitment to the prosperity of Duckionary, the preservation of its culture, and the promotion of harmonious relations within the micronational community.

Micro Euro Summit

In June 2022, Archduke Arthur C. de Tourneau, along with President Zar Antonov of Obscurium, played an important role in organizing the Micro Euro Summit 2022, which brought together leaders and representatives of various micronations in Chyše, Czech Republic, to discuss and deliberate on matters of mutual interest and cooperation. The success and significance of the summit paved the way for a sequel in 2023. Plans are already underway for a reunion to promote fruitful exchanges among the participating micronations. Archduke Arthur C. de Tourneau's active involvement in organizing and promoting this event underscores his commitment to fostering diplomatic relations, facilitating dialogue, and promoting the common interests of the micronational community.

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Titles, styles, and honours

Titles and styles

Coat of Arms of the Archduke

As Archduke of Duckionary, his full style and title is:

His Royal Highness Archduke Arthur I, Sovereign Head of the Royal House of Duckionary, by the Grace of God Archduke of Duckionary, Duke of Panagua and Arcanus, Sultan of Smolkanistan, Princely Count of Biberland, Count of Sandfield, Kozel and Lipinsula and Grand Master of the Order of Knights of Duckionary


National honours

Foreign honours

  •  Atlia: Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the Sparrow (10 January 2023)
Former honours

Military titles