Arthurian Imperial Navy

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Arthurian Imperial Navy

Arthurian Imperial Navy Seal
Active 8 March 2020
Country Arthurian Empire
Role Navy
Size 7 ships
Motto Long Live the Emperor
Supreme Commander Emperor Vincent I
Chief of Naval Operations Grand Admiral Duane B.
Grand Admiral Duane B.
Grand Admiral Alexander Constantine
Admiral Anthony C.
Admiral Jackie D.
Commodore Jordan W.

The Arthurian Imperial Navy is the Naval arm of the Arthurian Imperial Armed Forces. The navy operates 7 ships of various sizes, and is the most powerful arm of the armed forces.


The Arthurian Imperial Navy was founded on 8 March 2020, the same day as the Arthurian Empire and the Army, Air Force and Imperial Guard. It was the successor to the Republic Navy, the navy of the Free American Republic. Emperor Vincent I made his great-uncle and head of the Republic Navy, Duane B., as head of the Arthurian Imperial Navy, with the rank of Fleet Admiral. Later, Duane was promoted to Grand Admiral.


As with all other branches of the Imperial Armed Forces, the Arthurian Imperial Navy is under the command of the Supreme Commander of the Arthurian Imperial Armed Forces, which is the Emperor. Below the Supreme Commander, there is the Chief of Naval Operations, who runs the navy and it's operations. Below the Chief of Naval Operations, there is the Vice Chief of Naval Operations who serves as the Chief of Naval Operations's advisor. The current Chief of Naval Operations is Grand Admiral Duane B.,a highly respected Arthurian military commander, noble and member of the Imperial Council. The current Vice Chief of Naval Operations is Admiral Anthony C., another respected military commander.



The weaponry of the Arthurian Imperial Navy is mostly non-lethal, such as NERF and Airsoft guns. When needed though, The Navy has access to lethal weapons.


Name Class
HMS Invincible Sea Hunt Ultra
HMS Interceptor Jet-ski
HMS Douglas Kayak
HMS Admiral Duane Light motorboat
HMS General Buddy Canoe
HMS Admiral Jackie Rowboat
HMS Excellent Kayak


The Arthurian Imperial Navy has no official uniform, however, the Emperor does possess an admiral's uniform which he uses as his standard military attire.