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Arutalapura's main avenue
Country Los Bay Petros
State Prapanca
Founded December 16, 2011

Government City
Mayor Adji Rizqi

Time zone WIB (UTC±7)

Arutalapura is the capital city of a Los Bay Petrosian state of Prapanca. Founded in December 16 by Adji Rizqi, Arutalapura lies in the center-part of Prapanca and located about 2 kilometers south of Bayrschtein Capital Territory. Arutalapura is one of cities founded under the first Three Months Development Program projected by the government.


Arutalapura is consisted by 2 districts, each districts was governed by a local council.

No. Name Population
1 Apekan Hightown 3
2 Temapur 4


Place of Interests

As a new projected city, Arutalapura's places of interests was built under the same First Three Months Development Project. There's some project funded by the government planned for the Arutalapura's landmarks.

This is some of the finished projects located in Arutalapura:

  • Bharatayudha Business Center - Bharatayudha Business Center is a central business district in Arutalapura's Apekan district. As the economical capital of Prapanca, Bharatayudha lies some branches of banks and other corporations.
  • Andamar Park - Andamar Park is the central city park of Arutalapura. Located in the northern part of the city, Andamar Park is a triangular-shaped park created for Alutarapurans for recreations.


Arutalapura is connected by Bayrschtein Capital Territory with the Autoroute 63, there's also a national road NR18 which connects western Arutalapura with southern region of Dredim. The government planned a ringroad looping Arutalapura with designated code of A631.

By air, the government planned a new airport which will be named Otto von Bismarck Airport.