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Space Kingdom of Asgardia
Blue background, with yellow and white circles
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
CapitalAsgardia-1 (satellite)
Official languages
• Head of Nation
Igor Ashurbeyli
• Chairman of Parliament
Lembit Öpik
LegislatureUnicameral parliament
• Foundation
12 October 2016
• Constitution effective
9 September 2017
• Estimate
1.4 million (18,091 of which are considered as resistants)
CurrencySOLAR (proposed) (SOL; S)
Time zoneEST, GMT
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideright

Asgardia, also known as the Space Kingdom of Asgardia and "Asgardia the Space Nation", is a micronation formed by a group of people who have launched a satellite into Earth orbit and have claimed the area within the satellite Asgardia-1. They refer to themselves as "Asgardians" and they have given their satellite the name "Asgardia-1". The Asgardians have adopted a constitution, and intend to access outer space and establish a permanent settlement on the moon by 2043.


The founder of the Aerospace International Research Center (Igor Ashurbeyli), proposed the establishment of Asgardia on 12 October 2016. The "Constitution of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia" was adopted on 18 June 2017. Asgardia-1 was soon declared as the capital of Asgardia. Asgardia's administrative center is based in Vienna, Austria.


Asgardia-1 was launched into space in December 2017. Asgardia claims the area within the satellite. The shuttle has been in space since December 7, 2017. It is planned to have a lifespan of 5 years before its orbit decays and burns up upon re-entry into earth's atmosphere.

Future Plans


Asgardia is planning on sending a new satellite to space after Asgardia-1 returns to earth. It is currently called Asgardia-2, but the replacement satellite may have a different name before being sent into space. (Asgardia-2 is still in the concept phase, but has not yet been built).

Lunar aspirations

Asgardia plans on making a moon colony by 2043. It is expected that it will harbor at last a few dozen people if not far more.

Earth based regions of Asgardia

Asgardia's administrative base is in Vienna, Austria.

Larger regions (beyond Vienna, Austria)

  • Europe,
  • India (Indian Subcontinent),
  • Middle east,
  • Africa North,
  • America North (Greenland included),
  • America South,
  • Oceania (Australia Hawaii Vanuatu New Zealand etc.),
  • America Central (Mostly Mexico),
  • Africa South (sub Saharan Africa),
  • Africa Saharan,
  • Africa East.
  • East Asia (china Mongolia South Korea Japan etc.)


Major cities and their residents:

  • Norwich: 11 official Residents. Current Mayor None.
  • Kunming: 6 ofical Residents. Current Mayor None.
  • Jerusalem : 4 official Residents Current Mayor Elections Underway:

Avraham Haliva VS Sidney Slivko .

(note that not all cities are included)

Minor cities and their residents

  • Esbjerg: 2 official Residents
  • Inverness: 2 official Residents
  • Sapporo: 2 official Residents
  • Reykjavík: 2 official Residents
  • Netanya: 2 official Residents
  • Falmouth: 1 official Resident
  • Kefar Sava: 1 official Resident
  • Kandy: 1 official Resident

(note that not all cities are included)

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