Astor Impora

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Astor Impora
Cathair Impirúil
Imperial City
Capital City
Hasten to Study
CountryImperial Republic Flag Wiki.png Nemkhav Federation
StateSFRNflag.png Central Nemkhavia
 • TypeDirectly Governed City
 • MayorMarka Mejakhansk (as Chancellor of Central Nemkhavia)
 • Total4
Time zoneUTC

Astor Impora (English: Imperial City, Irish: Cathair Impirúil) is the capital and largest city of both the Nemkhav Federation and the State of Central Nemkhavia. First established on the 31st of July 2009, it is the cultural centre and heart of Nemkhavia, having been the very first annexed territory upon the beginning of Nemkhav nationhood.

The city was the founding location of Nemkhavia on the 31st of January 2009 and has functioned as the capital of the many incarnations of the micronation through the years, either on a local or federal scale. While most of the political functions of the Nemkhav Federation have been traditionally carried out using online media, the city has still retained pride of place as the ceremonial capital. The official home of the Ducal Government is the Senate Chamber in the west of the city.

Traditionally a seat of learning and development, Astor Impora has seen the development of thriving musical and other cultural industries. The Astor Impora Conservatory of Music is the prime location for musical education in Central Nemkhavia, while the city is also home to the Nemkhav Academy, the authority on Nemkhav language and culture.


When Nemkhavia was founded, the very first territory it possessed was the building which became known as the Palace. When the nation was proclaimed on July 31, 2009, then-Premier Marka Mejakhansk did so from the new Senate chamber in the largest room of the building. Astor Impora was, at that time, the extent of Nemkhav territory. As the then Imperial Republic found it's feet and expanded, the city grew outwards.

When the Nemkhav Federation was announced on the 28th of August 2009, the announcement was made on the steps of the Palace, a tradition which would carry on to this day. The steps have seen many announcements and events, such as the vigil on the eve of the Vote on the Nemkhav Nation 2009, and the proclamation of the SFR.

The city remained capital of Nemkhavia during the sometimes-turbulent months of the SUNP and the following Republic of Nemkhavia. When the SFR Nemkhavia was refounded in mid 2010, the city was once again confirmed as the central seat of Government and the home of the people.

Upon the revelation that Nemkhavia as the community knew it was but a fantasy nation, Astor Impora became one of two remaining territories of Nemkhavia as it made its way through the nations of A1 and Egtavia. The city serves still as the capital of the Nemkhav nation. When the President returned from the Province of Novomir, Marka Mejakhansk decided it was time for a change, so, he decided to create a new city-state and settle the capital there, he called it Astor Christiania.

The name of the city was changed again during the era of the Second Nemkhav Federation. In an attempt to generate a more unique identity for the city and its surrounding micronation, Astor Impora was renamed to "Paterstadt" and the surrounding nation named "Novomir". The idea worked for a time, with the German language offering a rallying point for a city that had thus-far been existing largely in obscurity, especially in the midst of an extremely large federation in micronational terms.

After 2012, the Nemkhav Federation declined into inactivity as the various member nations seceded for various reasons. Finally, only the Republic of Novomir remained, its capital city functioning only nominally.

Upon the declaration of the Third Nemkhav Federation on the 21st of February 2016, the city of Astor Impora was revived to its former state, assuming its historical name and its ceremonial position at the heart of the Nemkhav Federation.


The city is located in the very middle of Central Nemkhavia’s Skajacka Canton and is made of up largely urban areas.


The climate of the city is the same as the state in which it resides. Wet conditions were commonplace throughout much of the year, though it is generally warm in summer. The city is also very vulnerable to icey conditions, due to its position on the side of the Wicklow Mountains. The hills in the city cause travel to be quite dangerous when ice forms on the paths and roads. Highest temperatures could reach anything up to 27 °C, with lowest temperatures being roughly -6 °C.

Since the heavy winter of 2010/2011, the city has endured major weather events with increased frequency, occasionally suffering structural damage.


The city is a Directly Governed City, without its own local assembly. The only local officer is the Mayor, a position which is held ex-officio by the Chancellor of Central Nemkhavia.

The city is divided into three distracts, largely for ceremonial purposes. The western side of the city is devoted to government, both local and federal. The Government District of the city is the official seat of the Federal Government, with the Office of the President, the Council of Ministers and the Federal Assembly all sharing space in the Senate Chamber, former home to the original Senate of the Imperial Republic. The northern side of the city is home to the Residential District, which is home to the residents of the city, including the official residence of the President of the Nemkhav Federation. The eastern side of the city is set aside as an area of recreation. It is home to the Blue Bear, the city's prime public house and the adjacent Rory Gallagher Avenue.