Atlantis Court of Justice for War Crimes

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The Atlantis Court of Justice for War Crimes, also known as Court of Justice for the War Crimes of the Atlantis Civil War is the tribunal where all war crimes committed in the aforementioned war are presented. It is composed by two judges, one for the loyalist alliance and one for the revolutionary forces. The judges are always elected before any process. The rest of the court is compesed by two or more witnesses called by the judges and by one or more defendants.

De Felice Process

The afternoon of the 21 September 2010 the Atlantis Court of Justice calls on appeal Manuel De Felice. The Court is headed by: Vittoria Di Fiore (Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis) and Riccardo Landi (Republic of Atlantis) with Alexander Virgili, Sante Carbone as witnesses and the defendandt being Manuel De Felice.

Allegations against De Felice include ones of war crimes, high treason against both the Republics, crimes against mankind, sexual crimes, armed robbery, abuse of power and tentative of corrupting judges Di Fiore and Landi. De Felice has not given any defence and relies on the grace of the court in order to have the convictions dropped.


Judges Di Fiore and Landi decided as follows:

  • For the crimes of sexual crimes,armed robbery and tentative of corrupting the court he is to receive life sentence in forced labour.
  • For the crimes of war crimes, high treason against both the Republics and crimes against mankind he is sentenced as follows: he cannot be a citizen of any micronation, the cizitenship of Republic of Atlantis and of Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis is immediately revoked and he is expelled by both the armies with dishonour.

The process was later declared rigged, and the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis took to the court evidence that they believed proved this hypothesis. They tested that the Treaty of Surrender that was signed by De Felice and Virgili was an irregular one and under the International Civil and Pendal Code, a document must be signed by both parties in the presence of at least one witness in order to be valid and that each party should hvae at least one copy of the document. Due to this, the International Court of Justice decided to redo the trial against De Felice but also accommodating a counter-claim against Alexander Virgili, accused by De Felice of aggravated defamation and aggravated fraud. The case will take place Friday 24 September 2010.

Virgili Process and Remake of the De Felice Process

The day of the 24th of September the Atlantis Court of Justice processed Alexander Virgili and redo the process to Manuel De Felice. As judges there were Gabriele Pellecchia for the Republic of Atlantis and Sante Carbone for the Socialist Autonom Republic of Atlantis. After a very tough debate the De Felice defense tested that all the Treaty of Surrender is a false document because there wasn't a witness at the moment of the signature and there weren't two copies , one for part, of the document. Judge Pellecchia only agreed with Carbone on the fact that De Felice is innocent of the crimes that he was judged in the past, but they didn't get an agreement on the sentence for Virgili. Pellecchia only wanted to declare Virgili innocent for lack of evidences but as the International Civil and Penal Code says, Virgili should be condemned for aggravated defamation against De Felice and aggravated fraud for saying that the document was official when in the truth it wasn't.