Atovian Krone

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Atovian Krone
Atovian 1Ꝃ coin
Atovian 1Ꝃ coin
 Freq. used5Ꝃ, 10Ꝃ, 20Ꝃ, 50Ꝃ, 100Ꝃ, 200Ꝃ, 1000Ꝃ
 Freq. used5¢, 10¢, 20¢, 50¢, 1Ꝃ, 2Ꝃ
Date of introductionMay 2020
User(s) Atovia
Central bankRoyal Bank of Atovia

The Atovian Krone (English: Crown; symbol: or Kr; code: AVK) is the currency and legal tender of the Kingdom of Atovia. The Royal Bank of Atovia issues banknotes and the Royal Atovian Mint issues coins.

The smaller denomination, a hundredth of a Krone, is a cent (¢). The code of the currency used by banks and financial institutions is AVK, although and Kr are also used by businesses and advertisers.


The Krone is currently in development for use as the official currency of the Kingdom of Atovia.


The new Atovian coins will be issued within the next few months. More specific deadlines will be announced later. The series will consist of six denominations: 5¢, 10¢, 20¢, 50¢, 1Ꝃ, and 2Ꝃ. The designs will vary between coins, but most coins will depict a prevalent Atovian symbol on the obverse and some part or representation of the royal shield, the denomination, and the mint year on the reverse.

Image Value Diameter Thickness Mass Composition Edge Obverse Reverse
File:Atovia 5c 2018.png 5 cents 15 mm 1.25 mm ? ? ? ? ?
10 cents 20 mm 1.5 mm ? Copper ? White-tailed deer; value Top-left of the shield
File:Atovia 20c 2018.png 20 cents 23.5 mm 1.8 mm ? ? ? ? ?
File:Atovia 50c 2018.png 50 cents 27 mm 2 mm ? ? ? ? ?
1 Krone 30 mm 3 mm ? Aluminium Chamfered Flag of Atovia with the name and founding date of the nation; value royal shield
File:Atovia 2Kr 2018.png 2 Kronen ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


1st series
Image Value Dimensions Main Color Theme Obverse Reverse Date of Issue
Obverse Reverse
5Ꝃ 70x144.7 mm Yellow The sea and harbour Poseidon 'La Dauphine' (Giovanni da Verrazzano's ship) May 2020
10Ꝃ 70x149.7 mm Firebrick The fields and agriculture Demeter A beehive in an apple tree with bees swarming outside it
20Ꝃ 70x154.8 mm Dark cold blue The communication and language Hermes An ink and quill, with a scroll, books and letters
50Ꝃ 70x159.8 mm Orange The creativity, intelligence and wisdom Athena A human head
100Ꝃ 70x164.9 mm Green The sovereignty and order Zeus The Basic Law of Atovia
200Ꝃ 70x169.9 mm Blue The families and unity Hera Oak tree engraving by Jacob George Strutt. 'The Great Oak at Moccas Court'
1000Ꝃ 70x175 mm Pink The music and talents Apollo Pipe organ from a Lutheran church, Amsterdam. 1844

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