August Spee

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August Spee I

Matthew H.
Kaiser of the Kaiserreich von Käden
In office
April 2012 - August 2021
Predecessor Office established
Successor Parliament of Käden
Emperor of Vollaria
In office
May 2022 - Incumbant
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbant
Personal information
Born 20 August 2005 (2005-08-20) (age 17)
Citizenship American, Vollarian
Nationality Vollarian
Ethnicity German, Irish, Ukrainian
Residence Philadelphia
Occupation Student, Concession Stand Employee
Religion None
Military service
Allegiance Kaden flag.jpeg Käden
Rank Kaiser, General
Battles/wars Brody Rebellion

August Spee, born August 20th, 2005, is the former Leader of the Kaiserreich von Käden and current leader of the newly established Empire of Vollaria.



August was, and still is, a huge railfan. He often goes out to his local train station and films passing passenger trains on the Amtrak and SEPTA systems. He also lives close to tracks that belong to the freight company, CSX. August also has a small model train layout on a bit of 4x8 plywood.


August has a slight interest in Aviation. Every year, he, his father, and his grandfather travel to Lakeland, Florida, for the Sun n' Fun Aerospace Expo. August's grandfather was also a former pilot for the USAF, United Airlines, and UPS.


Empire of Käden

August founded the Kaiserreich von Käden in April of 2012, and lead it until his abdication in August 2021. In his time, he established diplomatic relations with several other micronations, including Kingdom of Humberlea, Kingdom of Roskya, and Kingdom of Matachewan.

Empire of Vollaria

August also founded another micronation, the Empire of Vollaria. As this is a relatively new micronation, there is little to no info about it.

Wars and Battles

Brody Rebellion

August fought as the leading Käden general in the Brody Rebellion. He was also the leader of the following negotiations, and oversaw the re-integration of the People’s Republic of Kaden into Käden.