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—  Territory of Austenasia  —
Established 30 January 2016
 - Governor Lord Karl Friedrich, Baron of Aurora

Aurora is a Territory in the Empire of Austenasia. Founded on 30 January 2016, Aurora consists of a stretch of the Rokytka river, also known as Nek River, and the land on either side.

Aurora was founded by Lord Karl Friedrich, who currently administers the territory as its Governor. As a Territory, the land is uninhabited. Including the stretch of the river which runs through the territory, it has been measured as roughly 12,042 square feet.

Aurora is one of few Austenasian land claims in history to not be an enclave of another state. It rather borders two other countries, namely the Czech Republic and Mekniy-Lurk, the latter of which Lord Friedrich currently serves in as joint head of state.