Austenasian Question

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The Austenasian Question is a dispute between the Commonwealth of New Virginia and the Empire of Austenasia over the territories of Fraternitas and Campo Del Sol, and by extension the status of the two nations' long-standing alliance.



On 27 June 2019, Sophia Albina annexed the territory of Campo Del Sol for the Empire of Austenasia. She would be made a Countess of the Province of Nova Albion.[1] In February 2020 following the passage of the New Virginia Act and subsequent Secession of New Virginia, the territory of Fraternitas was created,[2] having being retained from the former Duchy of New Virginia at the suggestion of Minister for New Virginian Affairs Brooklyn Hewitt as a gesture of goodwill and fraternity.[3]


According to The New Virginian Herald, the earliest signs of the dispute were on 22 June 2021, following the unbanning of Violette Clingersmith from the online micronational encyclopedia MicroWiki. A few citizens of New Virginia took stance against the unbanning of Clingersmith, with President Kennedy making an unofficial passing remark regarding ending New Virginia's alliance with Austenasia.[4]

Dame Sophia Albina would draft a bill to the House of Burgesses entitled 'Security of the Commonwealth', which intended to annex Fraternitas and Campo Del Sol, severe the Treaty of Alliance, and to strip Jonathan I of all New Virginian honours and titles.[3][4][5] Dame Sophia would later spam the discord server of Austenasia on with imagery evoking the Carolinians of the Austenasian Civil War. Dame Sophia would be tried for treason on 26 June, and received a guilty verdict.[3][4]

In turn, Lady Addison Dillon, Baroness of Blue Ridge would present the 'Fraternitas Resolution' to the Austenasian Parliament, which called for condemnation of acts violating the national sovereignty of Austenasia, and a refusal of the Foreign Office to recognise any New Virginian claims on Fraternitas.[6] Following Dame Sophia's trial, the Parliament would pass legislation to officially dissolve Campo Del Sol to prevent its use as leverage, to strip Dame Sophia of all titles and honours, and to lodge a formal diplomatic complaint to New Virginia.[3][7]

Austenasia and New Virginia would organise an online summit to discuss the downturn in relations, and to find a resolution to the status of Fraternitas.[3][8]


In December 2021, following mass political unrest in New Virginia which resulted in the secession of New Richmond, Shoreline, and Nordale, from the Commonwealth, the Republic of Nordale made diplomatic attempts at reconciliation with the Empire of Austenasia via private talks between the Jonathan I and Albina. This effort was taken as a part of the Republic's Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity Initiative, an international effort to make amends for the harm done by Nordalian foreign policy in the past. Initially, Albina proposed a treaty between Austenasia and Nordale, but due to several concerns of Austenasia was rejected. However, appreciation was expressed on behalf of the Empire and Emperor personally for the Republic and Albina's efforts at reconciliation. Since this exchange, there have been no new diplomatic incidents between the two countries nor between Albina and the Empire.



On the Austenasia discord server, Lady Addison Dillon released a statement pertaining to the Austenasian Question, in support of the Austenasian claims to Fraternitas.

Fraternitas is Austenasian, and will remain Austenasian. There is no place in this sector for the forces of aggression on behalf of any nation, let alone New Virginia. We must seek reconciliation with them, repair our relationship, and work towards guiding our nations into the future, or else the sovereignty of Austenasia is under attack!

— Lady Addison Dillon, Baroness of Blue Ridge

New Virginia

The Fellowship for Nordalian Unity took a radical position, proposing to unilaterally seize Campo Del Sol and Fraternitas, and to cut off relations with Austenasia.[4] Dame Sophia's rhetoric lead to an increase in support for the termination of the alliance with Austenasia.[3] In a poll conducted by The New Virginian Herald, 39.13% of respondents voted in favour of pushing through the Security of the Commonwealth Bill.[9]

Prime Minister Sir Simon White offered to open negotiations with Austenasia to resolve the crisis without overlapping claims over Fraternitas.

Leader of the Opposition Sir Bradley van Dullahan took a pro-Austenasia stance, highlighting the New Virginia–Austenasian dual citizens and his belief that Austenasia is one of the commonwealth's closest friends. Supporters of Sir Bradley believe the conflict was blown from a personal issue to a diplomatic crisis.[4]


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