Austenasian Television Productions

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Austenasian Television Productions
Type Broadcaster
Country Empire of Austenasia
Headquarters Wrythe
Director-General Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Occidentia
Established 27 December 2008
Official website Austenasia YouTube channel

Austenasian Television Productions, abbreviated as ATP, is the public service broadcaster of the Empire of Austenasia. It publishes the films that it makes on the YouTube channel, and is most well known for producing Cool Barbie. Additionally, ATP broadcasts an emergency alert system for Austenasian citizens.


Emperor Jonathan I had made home movies long before the Empire was founded, sometimes opening the film with the words "Jonathan Austen Pictures present..." He would film family holidays, and made movies with his sister and cousin (now Crown Princess Caroline and Lord Timothy) about a Barbie doll being attacked by an Alien Cosmolight - these films were known as Cool Barbie I, II and III. After he founded the Empire of Austenasia, it was only a matter of time before he decided to create an Austenasian equivalent to the BBC with which he could publish his films. This was done by Act 38 of the Austenasian Parliament in December 2008. Jonathan I ran ATP until June 2021, when he appointed Lord Charles Ross as his successor.



Austenasia currently boasts a single channel though work is underway to create a second auxiliary channel to the main one on YouTube.

Austenasian Events

These films are of notable events to have happened in the Empire, including the expeditions launched by the Imperial Geographical Society.

  • The Great Snow of 2009: The most snow that had fallen since the Big Freeze of 1991, on February 1–2, 2009 up to a foot of snow fell all over Austenasia and England. Transport systems and schools were closed and the Austenasian Imperial Family was snowed in.
  • The Arrival of Edd 1/03/2009: The Imperial Family's new bullmastiff puppy, Edd (or to give him his pedigree name, Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd), arrived in Austenasia on 1 March 2009. This video shows him arriving and meeting Rose, the Mascot of the Order of the Bullmastiff.
  • South of Bletchingley 4/5/09 IGS Expedition: On 4 May 2009, the Imperial Geographical Society launched its first ever expedition. HIH Crown Prince Jonathan led the collection of Austenasian imperials, nobility and knights around farmland and woods south of a village called Bletchingley. By an extraordinary coincidence, a British church ramble was taking place at the exact same time following the exact same route, so the Expedition wasn't alone.
  • Coronation of HIM Emperor Terry I: On 20 May 2009, HIH Crown Prince Jonathan - the Founder of Austenasia - crowned HIM Emperor Terry I as Monarch of the Empire of Austenasia. Holding the Imperial Sceptre and wearing the Imperial Robes and Imperial Chain, he swore an oath to rule wisely and enforce and abide by the laws of Austenasia, before being crowned with the Imperial Diadem.
  • Silent Pool 31/8/09 IGS Expedition: On 31 August 2009, the Imperial Family went on an expedition to the Silent Pool, a beauty spot in the UK county of Surrey.
  • St Helier Hospital Explosion - ATP Report 1: ATP reporting on a reported two explosions at St Helier Hospital, Carshalton.
  • St Helier Hospital Explosion - ATP Report 2: An eyewitness statement on the events at St Helier Hospital, where an ambulance exploded.
  • Austenasia/Vikesland Treaty Signing: On 24 October 2009, HIM Emperor Terry I and HIH Crown Prince Jonathan of the Empire of Austenasia signed a Treaty of Mutual Recognition with the Principality of Vikesland.
  • Big Freeze of 2009/10 (6 Jan 10): Footage of the snow that fell on the Empire of Austenasia on 6 January 2010, regarded as part of the Big Freeze that the British Isles endured between mid-December 2009 and mid-January 2010.
  • Sheepleas 3/5/2010 IGS Expedition: The 2010 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, accompanying a church ramble around the farms and woods of Sheepleas
  • Skirmish of the Treasury: Newly discovered footage of the 2009 Skirmish of the Treasury.
  • Banstead Heath and Colley Hill 2/5/2011 IGS Expedition: The 2011 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, accompanying a church ramble around countryside in the British county of Surrey, near the M25.
  • British Museum 15/2/2012 IGS Expedition: An expedition to the British Museum by Crown Prince Jonathan and his father Tribune Sir Terry.
  • Ranmore Common 7/5/2012 IGS Expedition: The main 2012 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, exploring Ranmore Common and the surrounding area.
  • Operation Roy: The successful launch of His Imperial Majesty's Observation Balloon Ascension, the first aircraft constructed by Austenasia. The Ascension was able to record footage of Wrythe from the air.
  • Coronation of HIM Emperor Jonathan I: On 23 February 2013, HIM Emperor Jonathan I crowned himself Monarch of the Empire at a ceremony in Wrythe attended by several dignitaries.
  • Beddington Tunnels 29/8/2013 IGS Expedition: The Emperor and Countess Eritoshi search for legendary entrances to a network of tunnels underneath Beddington and the surrounding area.
  • Woldingham 5/5/2014 IGS Expedition: The 2014 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, exploring countryside around the British town of Woldingham, Surrey.
  • South of Friday Street 4/5/2015 IGS Expedition: The 2015 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, exploring countryside to the south of the British hamlet of Friday Street, Surrey.
  • South of Bletchingley 2/5/2016 IGS Expedition: The May 2016 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, re-tracing the route taken by the very first IGS expedition in 2009.
  • Warlingham 1/5/2017 IGS Expedition: The May 2017 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, exploring woods, farmland and suburbs in and north of the British town of Warlingham.
  • Box Hill 5/6/2019 IGS Expedition: The May 2019 Imperial Geographical Society Expedition, traversing woodland and clearings on a climb up Box Hill.

Cool Barbie

Cool Barbie was originally a series of three movies made by Jonathan I several years before the founding of Austenasia, along with the now Lord Timothy and Crown Princess Caroline. After ATP was founded, it was decided to refilm the movies, and to make sequels.

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