Australian Workers Party

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Australian Workers Party
Supreme SecretaryXabier Asensio
Founded29 August 2018
HeadquartersSydney, Australia
Membership (2019)14
Ideology • Australian nationalism
 • Revolutionary socialism
 • Anti-imperialism
 • Anti-capitalism
 • Syndicalism
 • Millenarianism
 • Republicanism
Political positionFar-Left
SloganKeep up on both

The Australian Workers Party is an Australian semi-militant political organization, which operates within Australia and the Republic of Xahastan. The AWP is considered a terrorist organisation by the Free Cities of Provincetown & Charlestown. The slogan for the group is 'Keep up on both' (the same as ETA's) in reference to the politics and armed struggle.


The Australian Workers Party was established long before the Republic of Xahastan in 2018 as the Socialist Youth Committee. The SYC was a small think tank which expressed Marxis-Leninist sympathies. Upon the establishment of the republic in Xahastan the group changed its name to the present Australian Workers Party as well as establishing the Australian Workers Party - Xahastan Party. The AWP is the domenet party in Xahastanian parliament. The group is also active outside of Xahastan. As of 2022 the group has not perpetrated any attacks or acts of violence but members of the AWP marched in pro Palestine protests as well as climate protests. During the 2022 Australian election the group promised a 'campaign of revolutionary warfare and popular uprising' if the Collation government is re-elected.

Ideology & Support

The Australian Workers Party considers itself to be an Australian nationalist Marxis-Leninist group. Majority of the groups ideology comes from the founder of the group and ideologue Xabier Asensio. The groups is advocating for the establishment of a revolutionary communist government in Australia and the expansion of Australian influence in the world. The group also advocates for the independence of the Basque Country and considers itself to be a branch of the Basque National Liberation Movement. The AWP has also given support (ideologically) to many armed militant groups. There is no relationships between the AWP and any of these groups. The groups that the AWP has given official support to are:

Electoral Performance

Election Number of Seats +/-
16 March 2020
20 / 20
8 September 2020
12 / 20